TOKN Technology

How the pandemic is driving digital transformation in the utilities industry

As has commonly been the case, the utilities industry hasn’t been immune to the effects of COVID-19 and the need to acceler..

Digital Transformation of Community Care

The deployment of technologies within the aged care sector received a significant boost in the recent Federal Budget with nea..

TOKN CEO jumps on the Startup West Podcast

This week TOKN CEO and Co-Founder, Clinton Schroeder, spoke to Charlie Gunningham & Danelle Cross at the Startup West Pod..

FieldSafe: Smarter workplace safety apps

The FieldSafe Safety Suite allows you to complete all your safety documentation from the palm of your hand, on your own devic..

TOKN Sense: IoT and Preventive Maintenance

We have previously talked about what IoT is and some of the features that come with the territory, as well as some of the adv..

Integration Key to maximising SAP Investment

The most important thing you need in your digital strategy right now is the ability to change it.  According to Mkinsey  ..

Mobile Work Management

The world of business is continually evolving to utilise new technologies and improve overall business practices. This includ..

AOG Energy Conference: TOKN’s Exhibition Wrap-Up

Last week TOKN had the privilege of exhibiting at the 2021 AOG Energy Conference, using this opportunity to show off our new..

METS Tech Talk: Leveraging People & Technology

TOKN recently participated in the Austmine METS Tech Talk: Leveraging People & Technology. Six leading METS companies pre..

Customer Relationship Management, on the go.

Looking for a way to keep your Sales Executives engaged while they are out in the field? TOKN has created an integrated suite..
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