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Timesheets play a critical role in providing a clear record of how many hours your staff are working, to ensure that they are being paid for the hours they work while managing overtime and the wellness of your team. Many businesses still rely on paper based processes. Unfortunately, paper based timesheets often get lost and delayed and are more prone to human errors such as miscalculations, illegible handwriting or misremembered times and dates. This costs the business both time and productivity, and with delayed billing due to no supporting signed timesheets, staff are not getting paid on time.


As your business grows and your team expands, it can become difficult to keep track of each employee’s growth, productivity and hours they have worked manually. The Guardian presents a graph revealing that labour productivity grew at 1.1% over the last decade, recording its slowest growth in 60 years.  


Outdated, repetitive processes like paper based timesheets and scheduling, play a major role in affecting staff engagement and productivity. When tasks become tedious, workers are at higher risk of fatigue and reduced alertness, which can result in errors that can jeopardise the business and their safety.


This is why more businesses are transitioning to automated payroll systems, using technology integrations to reduce admin tasks, boosting efficiency across the workforce. 


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of digital timesheets.


The pros of digital timesheets

Automate your workflow and get tasks done more efficiently and effectively- increase data quality, no more delayed billing!

Simply submit timesheets at your fingertips.

With less manual work, employees can focus on their practical tasks.

Store all your data in one secure cloud-based platform.

Engaged staff are more productive and can increase profitability by 21%.

Identify areas of inefficiency, distractions or uneven task distribution with time tracking. 

Reduce errors in payroll or time tracking that may be caused by human error, misremembered times and illegible handwriting. Easily update when necessary.

Maximise efficiency while eliminating administrative burdens.

The TOKN solution

The TOKN team created Timesheet+, an intuitive, user friendly mobile app for complete, accurate and consistent data. Say goodbye to tedious outdated processes. Drive workflow automation with effortless time capture, improving data quality and productivity. 

Manage overtime with TOKN’s Overtime reports, Timesheet Aged analysis and more. For example, the TOKN Dashboard can be set up to display an alert showing who has worked more than 14 hours per day for a given period. Having this visibility ensures your workers are always working safe hours and alleviates the issue of fatigued workers. Users are kept up to date with real time timesheet status, approval messages and rejection notices. Timesheet+ offers offline capabilities and is customisable to suit your business needs- include lunch breaks, travel time, daily or weekly timesheets, job assignment and more. Supervisors can now create timesheets on behalf of their team!

“We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.” 

– John Greville, Chief Operations Manager, Mader Group

No more delayed, damaged, lost or inaccurate timesheets! Automate repetitive tasks and create and submit reports with ease. TOKN Timesheet+ enables you to maximise engagement and boost productivity in your workforce. Get more done in less time. 

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