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Local Government

Local Government

Easily handle resource & asset management, work orders, safety, timesheets and more, on one simple platform.

Resource & Asset Management made easy for local government.

Keep track of people and assets whilst encouraging a safer and more engaged workforce with a comprehensive integration platform built for local governments.

TOKN provides a comprehensive local government resource and asset management app by bundling all of the functionality needed for a local government’s mobile workforce, rolled into a single, easy-to-use platform. Automating all of the tedious tasks associated with local government maintenance and projects, TOKN handles administration tasks, work orders, service orders, timesheets, safety and more, all from a single location.

The TOKN Local Government Solution removes the need for manual paperwork, eliminating the problem of lost and forgotten forms left on site, in the work vehicle or anywhere in between. All data is automatically synced with the TOKN Cloud Platform, ensuring all your data is always available, at the click of a button.

TOKN FieldSafe Safety Suite

Safety as a Priority

Take control of your workforce’s safety with a full digital safety suite. Complete JHAs, Take 5s, Hazard Reporting, Fatigue Management and more, all from the palm of your hand!

The FieldSafe App extends your safe system of work with real-time workplace safety apps. Report incidents, audit processes and access SWMS in the field, no matter where you are, and have all of your information automatically sent back to the TOKN Console, ensuring data is never lost or forgotten!

Asset Management

Easily manage your plant and assets, utilising the data from your existing ERP system. Keep track of maintenance requirements, GPS locations, job allocations and more!

The TOKN Asset Management app provides real time and accurate data in the current state of different parts of fixed and mobile plant and assets.

TOKN Asset Management app
TOKN Service Requests app

Work Orders & Service Requests

Remove paper processes with mobile work orders and service requests – expedite your project lifecycle, ensuring your workers always have the most up-to-date information on hand.

The TOKN Work Orders and Service Request apps allow your workers to have all of the information they need in the palm of their hands. Reduce downtime with automatically updating requests as they happen, keeping all of your data stored in a central location for easy audit and reporting.

Mobile Timesheets.

Simplify timesheets for your mobile workforce with flexible timesheet entry and approval workflows on the go.

TOKN’s Timesheet+ App is a fully-fledged timesheet management solution that runs on the top of the TOKN Infastructure to provide the ability for employees to capture their timesheets on their phone and have them approved with a single click in the Timesheet Manager interface.

The TOKN Timesheet Manager allows managers to see timesheets that contain errors that don’t fit into set parameters. Managers can easily edit and modify any timesheets without any fuss.

"TOKN provides a highly customisable system which facilitates the movement of information through all our branches of business.

Tony Durey
Sector Innovation Officer
Freo Group