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TOKN is cloud-based enterprise platform that connects your data and systems. Build, manage and connect apps for business with little-to-no coding.

Cloud Based Enterprise Software
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Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

The TOKN Enterprise Platform is a low code enterprise integration platform (iPaaS) that bundles all the capability required to easily connect systems and quickly build and deploy apps.

Secure Device and Mobile Information
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The TOKN mobile app development platform and apps are all independently penetration tested.

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Cloud Based Mobility Software

Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Solutions

TOKN’s enterprise mobility platform is cleverly cloud-based, has easy and fast integration, partner support and is based in Australia.

Meet the parts of our low-code app development platform and go mobile with ease.



Create ERP mobile apps. Build a BYOD culture and remove duplication by leveraging your current system data – without having to replace SAP, Oracle or Greentree.



Create workflows the way you need and manage your mobile application lifecycle.



Make it yours. Tweak that tool you’ve been dreaming of with TOKN’s easy-to-learn, low-code app design system. Build it in your company colours, style and to meet your exact requirements.



Remotely wipe and blacklist devices from accessing TOKN Apps. Mitigate the risk of data breaches in the case of lost or stolen devices. Enable Geo Ring fence capabilities to create a geofence preventing use of the app in certain locations.



Automate processes and control devices within the Internet of Things. From monitoring activities to upscaling productivity in production, know that your business is future-proofed for the IoT revolution.

Releases – What’s happened so far.

  • 2016 Founded by Australian entrepreneurs Kevin Venter and Clinton Schroeder.
  • 2017 TOKN launches on iOS Android and Microsoft stores, gaining clients in Australia and internationally.
  • 2018 Winner of the Acceleration Commercialisation Grant for Innovation and the South32 WA Innovator of the Year Encouragement Award.
  • 2019 TOKN Platform moves to cloud-based SaaS delivery.
  • 2020 Winner of the WAIITA INCITE iAwards “Most Transformative Business Solution”.
  • 2021 TOKN launches it’s TOKNSense module, harnessing the power of sensory data, IoT and Internet 4.0.

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