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Community Care Software Solution

Community Care Software Solution

Protect your front line workers with up-to-date patient and appointment information.

Always informed, always connected.

Automate repeatable tasks and improve productivity, at a fraction of the price.

TOKN Assist is a community care software app solution that allows mobile health care workers to have instant access to schedules, take patient notes and submit timesheets, from the palm of their hand. By adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, users are able to use their own smart phones to complete all the paperwork for their scheduled appointments.

Backed by the award winning TOKN Cloud Based Enterprise Platform, the TOKN Assist app is the latest mobile solution for community care organisations, without the disruption. You only need to register your account to start improving your practice today. TOKN Assist works on all the devices your team currently use including iOS, Windows & Android.

TOKN Real Time Access To Appiontment

Real time access to appointments

Get up-to-date rosters and appointments instantly, with clever map integration making it easier to get around without wasting valuable time.

Wherever you are, the TOKN Assist App is an easy-to-use community care app, designed to make life easier for front-line workers.

Instantly confirm your schedule as you go with less room for errors. Make your carers’ job a breeze to add notes, access documents, complete shifts, capture client signatures and more – right from their own device.

Information is instantly available via the TOKN Cloud, ensuring your information is always up-to-date.

Mobile Timesheets, Anytime.

The safety of your workers is paramount to being able to operate a successful business. This includes ensuring your workers aren’t working more hours than they should be, preventing the affects of fatigue.

TOKN’s Timesheet+ App allows you to produce reports that ensure all your workers hours’ are within set compliant guidelines. The TOKN Dashboard can be set up to display a report or alert when workers exceed their maximum hours within any given period. Having this visibility ensures your workers are always working safe hours and removes the issue of fatigued workers.

Mobile Time Sheet by TOKNTechnology

Informed and Connected

Ensure your workers always have the most up-to-date information to keep them safe and informed.

Improve employee engagement rates by providing a platform to share relevant company information, stay up-to-date with the work community news and view any open job opportunities currently available within the company.

Being a cloud-based mobility solution, TOKN allows you to keep your workforce connected and informed, wherever they are, removing the need for internal intranets and hard drives.

QR Code Check in

On site QR code check in means your mobile carers can easily access their patient’s information, without any fuss.

The QR Code check in allows your workers to easily access their patient information on site. Additionally, its easy to track when your workers arrive at their patient’s residence and start their appointment by scanning the QR code that is kept on premise. No more issues of incorrect information or missed appointments, ensuring all your data is always accurate!

TOKN Digital QR Code Check

"We are excited about the amount of time we will save by moving to TOKN for our roster tracking. Reducing the time to distribute our rosters every day, and knowing no one will be missed is a great outcome for us."