Low Code App Development

Not a coder? No problem. TOKN’s Low Code App Development Platform lets almost anyone in your business build an app.

Mobile Apps
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Easily Integrated

Digital Apps to suit your business

TOKN has an array of low code app development templates that are ready to be customised by you, to suit your business processes.

Customization App Design
Customise your apps

Low-code app development software

Get started with your low code plug and play app templates. All TOKN apps are built on the TOKN Cloud Based Enterprise Platform and deployed effortlessly to the native TOKN Client.

Deliver full native enterprise mobility solutions across iOS, Android and Windows 10, without the limitations, including unlimited offline storage.

Low-code, create your own apps

Enterprise Mobility Management Tools

Spin up unlimited environments per customer and manage the complete enterprise mobility app lifecycle (DEV/Quality/Test/Production) running side by side, but logically separated.

Easily promote apps from one environment to the other and maintain control within TOKN app versioning.

low code app platform

Partner Support

Our partners will quickly implement the TOKN Enterprise Mobility Platform and apps into your business.

What can we build for you?

Let’s chat about what apps can help improve your work processes.

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