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RosterPro – Site Rostering Tool

RosterPro - Unlock your workforce

Maximise workforce utilisation and flexibility for faster, more productive operations.

Made by administrators for administrators

Unlock the simplicity in complex site and shift rostering with RosterPro, a cutting-edge software meticulously crafted by site administrators.

Tailored to meet the unique challenges of scheduling employees and contractors for specific shifts on-site, RosterPro is a cloud-based site rostering solution that unlocks the capabilty of your workforce .  Effortless to implement, cost-effective and designed to streamline your FIFO operations.  Easy to use and flexible, RosterPro saves time, coping with last minute schedule changes and streamlines  communication to the front line. 

Why RosterPro ?

  • Cloud-Powered Efficiency –   managing your roster anytime, anywhere.
  • User-Friendly Implementation – Engineered for simplicity.
  • Cost-effective – out of the box  FIFO rostering capabilities
  • Offline Access Mobile App Technology.
  • Leverage TOKN’s award winning Time Management, On-boarding and Communication Solutions.
  • Full integration with your Business Systems  Pronto, MYOB, WIISE, XERO, SAP 
“Currently scheduling tools are lacking in multiple areas, when dealing with the complexities of mine site rostering, and we currently use multiple tools and none integrate with each other making our processes inefficient. Having an all-in-one tool that covers all our needs will speed up our processes and streamline our processes.”

Service Operations Manager - Mining Services


  • Onboarding and competancy management,
  • Flexible FIFO Shift pattern designs,
  • Easy, flexible roster modifications, change a specific day, or Bulk Update, Move, Delete.
  • Job Pack function. site contacts and travel itinerary  and more ,  instantly  posted to a users mobile device. 
  • Coloured coded for the most intuitive user experience.
  • Drag and drop Roster creation.
  • Offline Mobile App.
  • Advanced Forecast Hours reporting.
  • Planning board and calendar views
  • Personnel profiles, including competencies, trades. and  certificates , expiry dates.
  • Vehicle assignments.
  • Smart auto Roster and timesheet creation.
  • Advanced workforce utilisation reporting.


Powered by TOKN’s award-winning cloud platform technology, Powerful integration options, using the TOKN connect module and API framework to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems; MYOB Advanced, XERO, Microsoft Dynamics, Pronto Sharepoint, SAP, SIMPRO and Greentree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximise Workforce Utilisation : Flexibly manage complex tasks and enjoy the convenience of managing your roster anytime, anywhere

User-Friendly Implementation: Engineered for simplicity, Built by administrators , RosterPro is easy to use, ensuring a smooth transition for your workforce without disrupting your operations.

Cost-Effective Solution: Prebuilt cloud based choice for businesses of all sizes, offering robust rostering capabilities without breaking the bank.

Offline Access Mobile App Technology: Understand where you are meant to be, and when you need to be there .  RosterPro comes equipped with TOKN’s powerful mobile app technology with offline access, from any device, allowing your FIFO teams to stay connected even in areas with limited connectivity.

Leverage TOKN’s Time Management, On-boarding and Communication Solutions: Elevate your workforce management with RosterPro’s full integration with TOKN’s smart time management and communication solutions. Seamlessly synchronize roster data, taking your workforce management to unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Full integration with your Business Systems: Maximise you investment with TOKN pre-built integration capability with MYOB, WIISE, XERO, SAP and more include real time access to your core data like Jobs, Sites , Clients, Users, Assets and More 


Yes , you can manage all your personnel profiles in RosterPro, including

  • Certificates and Competencies
  • Expiry dates and alerts
  • Trades and Role assignments 
  • Vehicle assignments
  • Training Matrix

Yes. RosterPro integrated in the TOKN Mobile app. you can publish roster information into the calendar of the app, along with Job Pack  and Site information , travel itineraries, contact and more 

Yes. RosterPro has vey flexible filtering , including trades, roles , certificates , jobs and more 

 Yes. the Planning Board is very intuitive and flexible with edit move  options to help you manage even the most minor changes with easy   

Yes. there are options to have the Rostering information integrated with TOKN Timsheet + solution. This include and Timeline creation and reporting 

RosterPro includes  advanced reporting on Forcast Hours and shifts b, helping you get the most out of your workforce. Helping administrators to understand utilisation and better plan for upcoming projects.

RosterPro is cloud based and can be accessed anywhere . 

The Mobile app runs on the following devices:

– Android devices (running version 5 and above)

– IOS devices (running version 10 and above)

– Windows 10 Desktops (running the anniversary update and above)

Yes. TOKN has smart messaging and alerts and when new roster information is available , it will alert staff.