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Labour hire companies consist of a group of skilled and specialised staff, saving time for employers finding the relevant people required to perform the job. A big part of recruiting a skilled team involves consistently making efforts in learning, engagement and comms. 

“Employee engagement is based on emotions, perceptions and feelings. It’s the level at which an employee feels committed to the company and its overall success.” (Mckay, 2023 para. 30)

According to Randstad’s Workmonitor (2023), 76% of global workers believe training and development programs are important for future careers. 

Not having access to the right information or training tools can put pressure on staff having to complete specialised projects. On the other hand, having too much information can lead to information overload which often results in poor staff retention, reduced employee productivity, performance and employee satisfaction as well as an increase in stress, fatigue and health concerns. Failure to implement LMS to your workforce can mean employees not understanding their jobs, increasing the risk of incidents happening and putting employees at risk of injury of which business owners can be held liable for. Under the WHS laws, an individual can be fined $100 000 (employer or officer of a PCBU) if category 3 is breached.


Category 3 states: ‘the person has a health and safety duty and the person fails to comply with that duty.’ 


Having an LMS helps create a consistent learning environment while driving engagement. Therefore, without one it will be more difficult to measure your employees’ learning performance. By implementing an LMS to your organisation, you can emphasise safety measures and protocols to ensure your business is legally compliant.

The TOKN Solution


Hubflo is the perfect labour hire software solution that gathers your work and team together in one unified space. Safety, wellbeing, LMS and timesheets – all in one!



Boost engagement and maximise productivity through TOKN’s Learning Management System (LMS). TOKN’s LMS provides unlimited access to e-learing materials for your staff to look back on when needed and enables you to upload inductions and training modules to keep your staff engaged, aware and up-to-date. In addition, having an LMS helps reduce learning costs. Improve productivity and efficacy by automating manual tasks and data capture with TOKN’s Timesheet+. Receive real time timesheet status alerts, approval messages and rejection notices. Timesheet+ offers offline capabilities so that you can capture, submit and manage timesheets wherever you are. Connect your workforce- no matter the distance. 


TOKN’s Content Management and Message Boards allows real time messaging – wellness, safety, news and job notices, driving a deeper connection to your organisation. It is the place for your team to exchange communication and knowledge quicker and more efficiently- all in the palm of your hand. Ensure your team is up to date with the latest news. See who has read your messages as well as who has read all the policies and procedures. Like, comment, learn and grow. TOKN’s Message Board eliminates the headache of delayed communication. Hubflo also includes its own video streaming service for engaging video content.


Proactively build a healthy, open and more connected workplace culture. Engage your labour hire workforce today. 



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