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Labour hire employees are outpacing employment growth as the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal a growth in labour hire use. With the number of labour hire employees increasing, reaching about 600 000 (ACTU, 2023), businesses are pressured to implement more automated processes to maintain efficiency and keep up to date with payroll and safety legislations, ensuring the wellbeing and safety of their workforce.  

Labour hire: A type of employment in which a company hires employees through a third party agency (a labour hire company) for a specified period of time to complete a specific task.

Keeping a compliance record of all safety and payroll documentation is essential in order to fulfil your legal responsibilities as a business owner. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal liability. Employers can face a penalty up to $13 000 for individuals, for not keeping the specified employment records highlighted in the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. 

The TOKN Solution

TOKN provides the latest labour hire solution by bundling all of the functionality required to manage a mobile workforce into a single, easy-to-use labour hire app. Store all your timesheets, safety interactions, simple expense manager app and more into one secure space. The TOKN Labour Hire App eliminates the need for manual paperwork and tedious tasks, reducing duplication and waste whilst accelerating your cash flow cycle. All data is automatically synced with the TOKN Cloud Based Enterprise Platform, ensuring all your data is available 24/7, at the click of a button. 


TOKN created FieldSafe, a digital app that allows you to keep track of all your staff and their safety records. FieldSafe includes a diverse range of features including Incident Report, Fatigue Management Assessment, Risk Assessment, Vehicle Inspection Assessment, Journey Management and more! Report incidents, audit processes and access procedure guides whenever and wherever. With 360 degree of safety capabilities, you are in control of your operations, making mobile field service management easier and quicker. Send instant alerts to ensure your team is alert and up to date with the latest information. 


TOKN’s Timesheet+ enables your staff to clock in and out, and submit timesheets for instant approval. Ensure that you are paying your staff correctly – with break times, location, overtime allowances and deductions calculated and processed instantly. Accurately track time and attendance. Give your clients access to schedules so that they have immediate visibility over who is working on site, cutting admin time. Quickly schedule employees to sites and get notified once they’ve reached their destination safely via Journey Management, as part of FieldSafe. 


Mader, a leading contracting company, engaged TOKN to drive greater safety and compliance on the front line and accelerate efficiencies for the business. In addition, TOKN has helped them to better engage their mobile workforce. 

Listen to what our partner, Mader says about TOKN.

“We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.”
John Greville
Chief Operations Officer
Mader Group – Mining

Let TOKN do the work for you. Better manage your labour hire workforce with confidence- quickly and efficiently.


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