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Stop reinventing the wheel to meet your clients’ needs. We partner with Managed Service Providers and IT Resellers with our Reseller Partner Program.

We make you look good

Solve your clients’ problems faster with a suite of enterprise mobility apps.

Security Tools

TOKN verifies that the data being transferred from the mobile device to your IT network is encrypted and permitted.


Build your own integrated enterprise apps for any system – SAP, Oracle, IFS, SQL – as well as Android, Microsoft and iOS

Passive Income

With minimal maintenance, you can continue to sell your app creations to other Cloud Integration Partners.

Support and Resources

TOKN offers partner support, including IT training and technical manuals to maintain your clients’ mobile systems.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs Description: Being a low-code SaaS offering, TOKN gives your people all the benefits of a mobile enabled office without the hefty development costs.

Deliver mobility faster for less

Partner Resources

All Business Integration Partners get access to IT training, guides, manuals, and documentation. Everything you need to start implementing TOKN in hours, not weeks.

  We only put forward the best, to ensure our customers perform the best. TOKN’s mobile solutions have delivered significant changes in the way our customers work, collaborate and connect with people.

Andrew Thomson CEO
Addax Business Solutions.

Ultimate Control

Get your own cloud based admin console to manage and connect your clients, create and deliver apps, and manage subscriptions and security.

Fast and easy integration. Really.

TOKN is the cloud-based way to integrate a BYOD system for clients. Build or customise apps with little to no IT skills required to get up and running fast.

  The TOKN platform makes mobile applications much easier to develop and maintain.

Lars Kreutz
Senior Manager, Business Solutions – Engineers Office Dubai

Become a partner

Share the awesome, with a growing suite of enterprise-ready apps and features for any system.

Wow clients by connecting common enterprise systems with native Android and iOS apps.

  TOKN combines the several steps required to create a notification and attach an image into one easy to operate function…

Maintenance technician
AngloGold, Ashanti Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a partner, please get in touch. Here’s a few things you might want to know

TOKN is self-service and cloud-based, so you can log on and set up your own administrator account today and start enjoying the functionality of a company-wide rollout in weeks, not months.

Yes. Before becoming a business integration partner, TOKN offers a one month free trial to help you work out if it’s right for you or your clients.

TOKN provides support and access to a partner network, so you’re never in the dark. You look after client facing interactions, we’re here with back-end support.

TOKN has several starter templates which allow you to tweak the functions through low-code drag and drop functions. Or have us manage the coding for a specific purpose and on-sell it to your clients in a fraction of the time (and cost).