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Leave Request & Approvals App

Leave Request & Approve App

Whether you are in the office or the field, seamless integration to your HR systems lets you manage your team’s leave requests, payslips , approvals and HR details easily through TOKN.

Simplify leave requests & approvals

Remove paper processes with mobile HR leave requests & approvals – expedite your leave application cycle, ensuring payroll always has the most up-to-date information on hand.

The TOKN takes you HR and Payroll system to a whole new level.  With integrated  Leave and Pay advice app , TOKN leverages the power of your HR and Payroll and provide a comprehensive leave request and approval solution, right at the fingertips of your remote workers. Your workers can view their leave requests, remaining leave balance and the status, Create requests , and approve requests in real time .  Keeping track of HR functions has never been simpler for your workforce . Full integration with , Like SAP , Simpro, Xero and Pronto,Capability 

  • Remove paper and automate you HR leave request applications.
  • Instant leave balance calculation.
  • Public Holiday integration State and National 
  • Offline Mobile app integration to you payroll system
  •  Automated time sheet creation for Approved leave requests
  • Attach images & files, signatures  to leave request applications
  • Easy on demand payslip with integrated email functionality 
  • fast Employee self-service , keep profile details up to date , Conact details , mobile , email etc 
  • Full integration with ERP , Pronto MYOB & Xero payroll services
TOKN PO approvals Mobile apps

‘‘TOKN’s technology not only generates the reports we require, but provides the electronics sign off that makes timesheet approvals simple for our customers.

Ben Burchill
Managing Director
Furnace Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive a little bit deeper into how TOKN provides unmatched mobile productivity improvements.

Yes! The TOKN Leave App is a comprehensive leave request app that combines leave requests, approvals, balances and more!

Yes! TOKN can connect with any payroll or accounting system that has an available API. This includes, but is not limited to MYOB, Xero, SAP, Oracle and more!

Yes! As TOKN can integrate with your payroll and accounting systems, TOKN can pull the leave data for your workers and display it for them on their leave request app. Using the bi-factor authentication system, TOKN ensures only the individual worker (and admin users) can see their own leave balance on the app.

TOKN runs on the following devices:

  • Android devices (running version 5 and above)
  • IOS devices (running version 10 and above)
  • Windows 10 Desktops (running the anniversary update and above)

Empower technicians and elevate service levels, with real-time view of all field operations, appointments, delays, orders, instructions, inventory, safety and time recording in one place