TOKN Technology

Building Apps Faster

Here at TOKN we live by the motto “providing digital transformation, without disruption”. Why? Because we know there is n..

TOKN Assist

Recently, TPG Aged Care approached TOKN to create a solution that would allow their mobile workers to have instant access to..

TOKN Console Analytics

It is no secret that analytics are the backbone of application development – they encompass everything we know & can pr..

On demand PDF generation

To users, a PDF is often an expected part of the business process. To the user’s mind it “solidifies” a transaction, en..

COVID-19: A one way ticket to digital transformation

There is probably not one business, that has not been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) in one way or another. As we..

Timesheet Approvals Management Done Right

The management of timesheets has long since been considered a “necessary evil” in business by both employers and employee..

Offline, Anywhere, Anytime.

We know the Australian mining industry. Which means we know that 90% of the time your workforce is out of phone range, in the..

Broadcast Messaging – Keep your Workforce Informed

There is no question that we are currently living in a different world to what we were 2 months ago. Suddenly, all office sta..

Paperless and at Your Fingertips

In these challenging times, as we re-imagine the way we work and consume information, mobility and digitization becomes a gre..

Working Remotely – The Evolving Concept of Mobility

The ability to work remotely is starting to become a necessity. Mobility as a business concept started out as a need to perfo..
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