Secure. Always.

Keeping your data secure is essential to keep your business protected. Have the peace-of-mind that everything is safe with TOKN.

Bring your own device
Two-step authorisation
Secure mobile application

Seamless Security

TOKN comes with out-of-the-box industry standard security features, that do not compromise the user experience.

The TOKN Client includes bi-factor authentication with push code messaging as standard.

TOKN provides a secure container housing all TOKN apps and data. Data in transit is secured via Secure Sockets Layer encryption, using 2048bit RSA keys.

TOKN Template

Authentication made easy

All users need is a mobile number. TOKN lets you on-board new users with a simple push-code message, with two factor authentication as standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bi-factor authentication?
Is AWS secure?
How are individual users identified?
Are the TOKN third party approval links secure?
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