TOKN Technology

TOKN Sense

TOKN Sense

Better understand worker behaviour, enhance customer service and improve the decision making process by embracing the power of IoT.

Intelligent Sensor Data

TOKN Sense opens up an array of sensory data for your business. You can track where your workers are moving, track & mitigate maintenance needs and much more, all from one location.


More Informed Decisions

Access to more data means the ability to make smarter decisions based on what is happening right now and predicting what might happen next.

Instant Alerts

Set up triggered alerts based on your sensory data, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

TOKN Sense is powered by the award winning TOKN Enterprise Platform. TOKN Sense runs on open standards to connect your enterprise without restriction. Use sensor data to drive real time decision making and proactive actions to improve asset health, cash flow, safety and more.