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Hubflo – Content Management Solution

Hubflo - Now that's teamwork.

The central place, to hear, share and engage your team, driving a personal connection to your organisation.

Where your teamwork is alive

Proactively build a healthy, open more connected workforce and workplace culture

Hubflo is a digital communication tool that’s driving a more socially responsible and engaged workforce. Powered by the award winning TOKN platform, Hubflo brings together essential Communication, Content Management, Productivity and Learning Management capabilities on one cloud platform. Hubflo is the central place where teams collaborate, learn and share. Ensure your teams, divisions and crews have access to the same information and systems, at any time and where they can safely and securely, comment, like, learn and belong.

“We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.”

John Greville
Chief Operations Officer Mader Group

Why Hubflo?

  • Better workforce communication.
  • Safer, more discreet engagement and comms- no mobile numbers shared!
  • Faster and easier comms tool you will love to use. 
  • Preparing and publishing critical commumications in a few clicks.
  • Proactively build a healthy, open and more connected workplace culture.
  • Drive deeper personal connection in your organisation with up to date content and live feeds.
  • Higher employee retention.
  • Customisable and extendable to include all your business functions with the ability to integrate other existing apps like Timesheet+ and FieldSafe
  • Award winning Cloud Service – Hubflo is built on TOKN’s native cloud service so you don’t have to worry about running and managing servers or server licenses
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Content Management

Connecting your organisation with a full purpose communications tool. Creating and sharing content on any topic – Job adds ,  live data feeds  – News, Site information, Wellness, Policies , Safety share notifications and more. No more delayed communications and lost email blasts! Hubflo also includes its own crystal clear video streaming service for video content., and document managment.

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Learning Management

A proactive and comprehensive approach to closing gaps in training, awareness and understanding. The mobile LMS app is a Native Mobile SCORM player, ensuring your teams are up-to-date. Results are stored and completion rates can be tracked.

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My Roster

Unlock your workforce with live rostering updates that they can access where they are. Including Job pack information site  contacts, travel itinerry .

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Message Boards

Keep you team uptodate with a united view of the work being carried out. Enable on the  job and team specific communication, knowledge sharing and feedback to drive transparency and understanding in a centralised place.

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Time and Attendance

Extend your solution to include the Timesheet+ App, an advanced contractor time sheeting and approvals, including Job and Payroll integration, all integrated with your business systems. 

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Powerful integration options, using the TOKN connect module and API framework to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems; MYOB Advanced, XERO, Sharepoint, SAP and Greentree.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare and deliver critical enterprise wide communications, instantly in a few clicks

No more PDF email blasts ! If you want  to engage your workforce, keep them up to date with the latest , news , Site, safety , Camp, Roster, Travel and  information, without the crippling burden of multiple emails , that are either hard to find and not even read, The Hubflo app is for you.  Instantly publish the most uptodate information, regarding weather, Site ,Policies , Wellness, Safety shares, and more across multiple sites, and companies , on demand. Once a user has read an article you’ll know.   

No more painstakingly putting together timely communications, multiple admins can be set as Creators , and contribute on the one platform. Publishing rites can be allocated to selected administrators to that there is controlled collaboration on critical company wide communications

A CMS, short for mobile Content Management System, is a software application that allows users to build and manage content without having to code it from scratch, or know how to code at all.

Anyone who has the TOKN app and is linked to your company will be able to view articles and broadcasts on their mobile devices. In the TOKN Console, permissions can be set to determine who can and can’t edit, create and publish broadcasts and articles.
Yes! In the TOKN Console your super admin can set permissions for individual users, determining who can create, edit, view and publish content to your mobile workforce.
No! The CMS is a simple solution that be can use easily used by anyone. The editor is a simple, intuitive interface that requires zero coding skills to use!

TOKN runs on the following devices:

  • Android devices (running version 5 and above)
  • IOS devices (running version 10 and above)
  • Windows 10 Desktops (running the anniversary update and above)

The LMS  solution , delivers safety critical training and policy content to a users Mobile app, anywhere. Important information such as critical company policies on sexual harassment , or training on working at heights. The content is in the form of a SCORM file, an industry standard step by step training module with voice , animation, and question sets included.  You have the ability to load your own custom content into the app, for your workforce to consume. Alternatively TOKN has partnered with Onebrand Digital to help provide out of the box training modules, get in touch with us for more information on this