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Effortless timesheet software, no matter where your workforce is.

Accelerate your billing with the best timesheet app

The perfect timesheet app for time capture and approvals automation, at a fraction of the price

TOKN’s Timesheet+ solution will automate payroll, remove your back office burden and scale your business. With fully customised time entry options, and seamless approvals, fully  integrated the Timesheet plus solution will elevate your payroll process and give you precious time back. Trusted by some of Australia’s largest labour hire companies  and powered by TOKN’s award wining cloud platform and offline mobile app, Timesheet+ streamlines time capture and back office  approvals , improves payroll efficiency and boosts your cashflow. 

Timesheet+ allows staff to capture timesheets on their mobile phone, Offline making them instantly available for approval . Automate administration with integration directly to Pronto, MYOB , Xero, Microsoft and more, making reported hours instantly available for billing and reporting. Accelerate your billing cycles and ensure all bases are covered with weekly and daily  timesheet options. Drive efficiency to another level, at a fraction of the price.

"We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.

John Greville
Chief Operations Officer
Mader Group – Mining

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Why Use Digital Timesheets?

  • Drive workflow automation with effortless time capture, and approvals
  • Seamless integration to payroll and job costing.
  • Save time and stress, run payroll on time every time.
  • Expedite billing with digital 3rd party approvals and confirmations
  • Increase employee and contractor engagement  with superior user experience.
  • Lower cost of ownership with the latest SaaS digital cloud technology.
  • Extend and enhance with deep customisation options; branding, sign offs, image capture, meals, disbursements, travel options, health and safety, roster integration.
  • Ensure source of truth integration with Real time Systems integration to Payroll and job managemen

Digital Timesheet Features

  • Daily & weekly timesheet app options
  • Integration with Pronto, SAP, IFS, MYOB & Xero,
  • Third party approvals for all timesheets
  • Interpretation, Overtime rules, allowances and RDO
  • Option to include travel hours, meals, Nightshift, lunch breaks & more
  • Works offline, wherever you are
  • Reduce back office manual data entry and duplication errors
  • Integrates with TOKN’s RosterPro
  • Alerts and messaging- Users are kept up to date to real time timesheet status, approval messages and rejection notices.
  • Better timesheet analytics
  • Supervisors can create timesheets on behalf of their team!
timesheet app

Frequently Asked Questions

TOKN’s enterprise software digital timesheet software allows for low code app customisation, including:

  • Daily or weekly timesheet
  • Disbursements
  • Lunch breaks
  • Night Shift
  • Plant charges 
  • Travel Time
  • Job Assignment
  • Notes
  • Approvals

TOKN’s Timesheet+ app is an end-to-end timesheet solution that includes the TOKN Timesheet Approvals Manager. It’s a fully-fledged timesheet management solution that runs on top of the TOKN Infrastructure to provide the ability for employees to capture their timesheets on their phone and have them approved with a single click in the Timesheet Manager interface.

Yes, TOKN’ can send an approval link , to a third party email address, that can be opened, and the timesheet displayed for approval. This can be done on their PC or mobile device. Once approved the TOKN workflow will be updated. For example a 3rd party supervisor can approve a timesheet at any time from their own mobile device, updating the TOKN workflow instantly.   

The TOKN Timesheet+ Solution can integrate with a number of ERP and Accounting systems, including;

– Xero




– Pronto Software

– Oracle

– Greentree

Yes. TOKN comes with the ability to upload a range of different attachments from your device, as standard.

Yes! The TOKN Console allows you to easily export a number of timesheet reports, including
– Reported hours
– Unapproved hours
– Pending timesheets
– Fatigue reports
– and more!

Quotes are available on request, but typically, TOKN is around 7x cheaper than other mobile enterprise software solutions. TOKN is scalable and priced according to the number of users and apps required by the organisation. The more users you have, the lower the cost per user.