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Elphinstone Mechanical Services

Elphinstone Mechanical Services

Posted by Mija Belamide

February 27, 2023

Executive Summary

Elphinstone Mechanical Services (EMS) is an Australian owned and operated business established in 2005, that offers heavy equipment repairs and a broad range of specialised technicians for labour hire, including HD Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Drill Fitters, Boilermakers, HV Electricians, to the mining and construction industries in Western Australia and overseas. 

 EMS delivers efficient and quality service, using the latest in specialised equipment to provide preventative maintenance plans and minimise costly downtime. With a strong focus on personalised support, EMS has earned its reputation as WA’s industry leaders in heavy equipment maintenance and support. They provide workforce development services including mentoring, e-learning, instructional led training and On the Job training, as well as consultancy services to customers globally. EMS provides long-term planning, strategies and pricing for fleet maintenance, ensuring that vehicles are operating in a good condition that is safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer. 

 From providing mechanical support for OEM equipment in the mining and construction industries- to providing ongoing field service and specialised labour to the large iron ore companies in the Pilbara, EMS has acquired a vast array of experience and continues to grow and expand its operations to include operational workshops and field service on the Pilbara and the Goldfield.


Elphinstone Mechanical Services actively actively manages a remote workforce. The believe in encourages their employees to promote and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, while maintaining high levels of productivity. EMS were completing all time records manually on paper and spending large amount of time tracking down timesheets, chasing approvals and trying to get bills paid on time.  

Amoung the core value of EMS is having a robust workforce and a diverse range of specialised technicians. With employees working across different fields, maintaining engagement in the workforce can become difficult. Embracing innovation and technology, TOKN’s user friendly apps has enabled EMS to maintain safety and wellbeing in the workplace, keeping staff connected and engaged, overall improving productivity.


TOKN and EMS  delivered a fully integrated enterprise mobile application for Contractor time sheeting  and approvals. This include the administrative framework with which to manage them. SMS Mining have also adopted the modern approach to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) meaning a mobile workforce uses their own devices, of which there are multiple types, whilst working with intermittent network connectivity. 

The digital timesheet runs fully offline and manages time recording in Realtime 

The TOKN Cloud Enterprise platform was used to provide digital capabilities to quickly deliver apps based on app templates and fully integrate with EMS’s ERP MYOB Greentree and TOKN data sources. This includes the provision of the application management framework for administering and controlling them securely in the field. The TOKN framework and app templates were used to deliver a series of apps across the operation for Contractor time recording and timesheet approvals management.


  • Faster digitalisation of lengthy contractor time sheeting process processes and workflows – elimination of repetitive, manual paper based  process. 
  • Increased productivity  , with and estimated 30% increase in productivity through delivered efficiencies, removal of manual paper-based processes & double entry, and expedited the billing cycle , this is allowing the business to scale rapidly 
  • Improved data quality – more effective and faster communication with the ease of being able to clearly identify who has seen the message or not;
  • High degree of flexibility in how a user interacts with different connected systems through TOKN Workflow, unifiying end user data across different business systems;
  • Smoother approvals and  billing process;
  • More information being passed onto the frontline and accurate time reporting;
  • Increased staff productivity and engagement with easy to use digital tools 
  • Enhanced the digital capability and increased use of mobility within a simple framework;