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Consolidated Minerals – Delivering Employee Engagement

Consolidated Minerals – Delivering Employee Engagement

Consolidated Minerals


Executive Summary

Consolidated Minerals Australia (ConsMin) is an owner operated mining company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. ConsMin’s key asset is the Woodie Woodie manganese mine, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, approximately 400km South East of the town of Port Hedland.

ConsMin manages over 500 employees and contractors, most of which are on site in one of the most remote areas in the world. The workforce is led by an experienced leadership team who work hard to create a workplace where their workforce are engaged, motivated and feel like an important part of the team.

ConsMin is known for its focus on safety. By actively seeking to create a culture of Zero Harm, ConsMin has development an environment where safety is paramount and personal, such that it influence’s people’s choices and behaviour.

ConsMin engaged TOKN Technology to create a solution that would allow the Leadership Team to quickly and easily distribute important information to it’s remote and mobile workforce.

"Partnering with TOKN allowed ConsMin to quickly and cost effectively deliver apps to our workforce that align with the company’s branding policy. Most importantly, the app allows for greater engagement with our workforce, delivering important information as soon as possible."

Jenelle Goddard - General Manager of Finance, ConsMin


The ConsMin team understands that an important part of keeping their workforce safe is ensuring theirs workers have the most up-to-date information, wherever they are. The ConsMin team is made up of employees and contractors which operate in a variety of different remote locations, on different rosters at any one time. With operating conditions changing rapidly, including changing weather conditions, traffic, blast notices and COVID response plans, keeping the workforce up-to-date and engaged has become a priority.

ConsMin are also committed to destigmatising mental health issues and opening communication lines by providing and supporting resources in promoting good mental health in their workforce.

ConsMin sought to find an innovative solution that would leverage technology to allow the management team to easily communicate with their workers on site, without the need to rely on an intranet portal and eliminate the need for email blasts, escalations and manual follow ups.


The ConsMin leadership team saw an opportunity to tap into the use of mobile technology to open communication lines with their teams, working in line with their goal to create a more engaged and motivated workforce. This is when they approached TOKN Technology.

The TOKN Content Management System was created to better connect and engage the ConsMin workforce by instantly distributing information to employees and contractors, through their smart devices. The TOKN self-rendering Enterprise Mobility App works instantly across any smart device, securely and at scale.

Supported by the award winning TOKN Enterprise Cloud Platform, the TOKN Content Management System manages the creation and publishing of content using permission settings to allow administrators to create and easily distribute safety updates, broadcast messages, news articles, job vacancies and events at the click of the button is core to the Content Management System. Plus, the app is designed in accordance with ConsMin’s branding guidelines, meaning the app looks and feels like it is "opening a window" into the organisation.


  • Increased staff engagement by delivering company news and updates directly to the individual in remote locations;
  • Over 2000 weekly app interactions, showing high user interaction with the content distributed;
  • News bulletins, including memos, business updates and newsletters released to ConsMin’s remote workforce, ensuring workers on site have all of the information they need, in the palm of their hands;
  • Safety updates and articles, including safe starts, Traffic Management Plans, incidents reviews and safety resources released to ConsMin’s remote workforce, ensuring workers on site have all of the information they need, in the palm of their hands;
  • Real-time feedback to management team about whats been read/interacted with;
  • Real-time weather updates added to the app homepage for maximum information flow in a single location;
  • Easy distribution of mental health awareness information, working towards destigmatising mental health issues and promoting positive mental health in the workplace;
  • Sharing of exercise & fitness classes available on site through the Content Management System events functionality to promote good mental and physical health practices;
  • Low implementation, installation and hardware expenses;
  • Reduced device provisioning by adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, ConsMin was able to support employees using their own devices, increasing engagement and reduced device provisioning expenses.