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Furnace Solutions – Connecting TOKN and Workflow Max

Furnace Solutions – Connecting TOKN and Workflow Max


Executive Summary

Furnace Solutions is a global mining services company, performing specialist services in the mineral & metal processing industries. Investing in innovative technology, Furnace Solutions operate throughout Australia, South East Asia and South America, successfully performing some of the regions’ more complex projects.

Furnace Solutions deploys specialist resources and equipment to large, time critical projects. It’s workforce operates over a large geographical area and often in remote locations. Most work being performed uses manual, paper based processes to capture time sheet information, which is then re-keyed into the business systems by the back-office team. This exposes error and inefficiency due to double entry and human error.

Furnace Solutions, as a leading service provider, has a vision of working towards a fully electronic and paper free environment across its organisation.

"We are committed to investing in systems that provide our customers with a single source of truth at the lowest possible cost. We are equally committed to ensuring we reduce our reliance of paper based systems."

Ben Burchill – Managing Director, Furnace Solutions

In February 2020, Furnace Solutions engaged TOKN to help fulfill its requirements for enhanced digital capability to better engage its mobile workforce and accelerate efficiencies for their business.


TOKN and Furnace Solutions delivered a fully integrated enterprise mobile application and the administrative framework with which to manage them. Furnace Solutions have also adopted the modern approach to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) meaning a mobile workforce uses their own devices, whilst working with intermittent connectivity.

The TOKN Cloud Based Enterprise Platform was used to provide digital capabilities to quickly deliver apps based on app templates and fully integrates with Furnace Solutions’ project management software.

"Our old system could provide the reporting that we needed, [but] TOKN’s technology not only generates the reports we require, but provides the electronic sign off that makes timesheet approvals simple for our customers."

Time recording and approvals management, including the ability to engage clients, automating the approvals workflow and accelerating time capture, 3rd party approvals, billing and payroll.

TOKN is a platform technology, with a focus on being a simple framework, accelerating digital transformation. TOKN provides an intuitive time capture app for Workflow Max and a powerful approval engine to manage workflows and approve timesheets with ease.


  • End-to-end integration with Workflow Max.
  • Improved timesheet capture with an intuitive mobile app, easy-to-use, no passwords required.
  • End-to-end timesheet approval management, including 3rd party approvals, with no extra licensing required.
  • Increased productivity – Furnace Solutions estimates a 15% increase in productivity through delivered efficiencies, removal of manual paper-based processes and double entry, and expediting the billing cycle.
  • Enhanced the digital capability and increased use of mobility within a simple framework. Furnace Solutions has estimated a 100% increase in mobility usage.
  • Low implementation, installation and hardware expenses. Adopting a Cloud Based Solution, Furnace Solutions had no installation and application hosting expenses.