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Mobile App, TOKN Timesheet+ is a versatile timesheet app designed to run on any device, built on the latest mobile technology that seamlessly integrates to your payroll and job management systems. Say goodbye to manual timesheets and hello to increased productivity and data security!


Top Benefits of Using a Timesheet + App 2023

  • Drive workflow automation with effortless time capture, approvals and seamless integration to payroll and job costing
  • Improve productivity and efficacy by automating manual tasks and data capture
  • Improve customer engagement with digital approvals and confirmations
  • Increase the engagement of employee and contractors with superior user experience
  • Lower cost of ownership with the latest SaaS digital cloud technology
  • Extend and enhance with deep customisation options; branding, sign offs, image capture, meals, disbursements, travel options, health and safety, roster integration
  • Ensure source of truth integration with Real time Systems integration to Payroll and job management

The TOKN Timesheet+ App is one of our most used applications throughout a variety of businesses in a range of different industries. As such, we see it as important to continue innovating and adding new features to the application to ensure it has endless functionality for our clients to meet each of their needs. The last couple of months, we have been working hard in this space to introduce some new and updated features.

Key Features

  • Timesheet + is designed to run on any device and is branded and customised to meet your business requirements, including disbursement, Plant charges, overtime, meal allowances, lunch breaks, capture images and more, catering for daily and weekly times capture and includes job check validation.


  • Kiosk timesheet Entry- The Timeheet + app can be branded and customised to meet your business’ requirements, including disbursement, Plant charges, overtime, meal allowances, lunch breaks and more, catering for daily and weekly time captures and includes job check validation.


  • Supervisor Timesheets enables you to create a timesheet on behalf of your team. 


  • Offline processing. Patchy signal? No problem. TOKN records and manages timesheet captures locally on any device and connects to your systems automatically.


  • Contractors and employees – manage timesheets across your entire workforce seamlessly. TOKN caters for employees and contractors as well as other user types and ensures the timesheet app is provisioned and instantly available.


  • Digital Timesheet Approvals Manager; We know that the hardest part about timesheets is getting the appropriate supervisors to complete the approvals in time for payroll to run at the end of the week. To combat this, we have added the capability to generate a report that summarises all pending timesheets for a given period, defaulting to current week-ending date. This makes it easy to ensure no timesheet is ever missed and there is no delay on processing your payroll. View all timesheets instantly across your business, edit or reject timesheets, manage timesheet workflows to various business approver groups. Maintain specific rules to suit your payroll process. Manage drag and drop internal and external approval workflows effortlessly.


  • Enter stakeholder Approval. Manage externals and internal approvals with additional licensing. You can collect a digital signature or use our TOKN digital approval link to ensure your workflow is the most efficient.


  • Alerts and messaging-  TOKN sends reminders to enter outstanding backlogs. Users are kept up to date to real time timesheet status, approval messages and rejection notices.


  • Better timesheet analytics- Ensure visibility of all outstanding timesheets  instantly using TOKN’s missing timesheet reports, ensuring that backlogs are kept to a minimum. Manage overtime with TOKN’s Overtime reports, Timesheet Aged analysis and more. For example, the TOKN Dashboard can be set up to display a report (or an alert), or see who has worked more than 14 hours per day for a given period. Having this visibility ensures your workers are always working safe hours and alleviates the issue of fatigued workers due to working over hours. 


  • Powerful integration- TOKN Timesheet+ uses TOKN connect to integrate your timesheets into your business Systems. TOKN integrates with payroll and Job Management software effortlessly to ensure your process is real time and integrated with your business. NO more double entry or clunky batch jobs (you can do a point potential on each  – so replace with Greentree / Xero / MYOB advanced and MYOB Account right / SAP and / PRONTO).

"We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.

John Greville
Chief Operations Officer
Mader Group – Mining

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