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The FieldSafe Safety Suite allows you to complete all your safety documentation from the palm of your hand, on your own device – anywhere, anytime. Utilise the intelligent software to prevent an incident before it happens with alerts of potential risks to your workers on site. Track reporting of all critical safety interactions, allowing you to review your data easily and on the go. 

All FieldSafe Safety Suite Apps include the following features:

  • Offline Capability – All apps can be used offline, allowing you to create reports when on site with limited or no phone reception.
  • High Customisation – Have your own safety checklist? Great! You can easily edit any existing checklists through our list manager and include your custom questions in both the apps and the generated PDF reports.
  • GPS Capture – All reports automatically utilise your phone’s GPS location to capture the exact location a report is completed. This information is then displayed, in map form, on the corresponding PDF report.
  • Attachments Galore – Every app comes with the ability to easily attach photos or documents, each of which are included in the final PDF report on completion.
  • Auto Save – All apps have an auto save function that ensures you won’t lose your data if you accidentally close your app half way through completing a report.

What’s included in the FieldSafe Safety Suite?

The FieldSafe Safety Suite includes 4 apps as standard, each of which are outlined below.

Incident & Hazard Assessments

Hazard Assessments are a simple way of identifying hazards, evaluating the risks presented by those hazards, and managing the risks of the hazards by introducing the appropriate controls to prevent the hazards from becoming incidents. An Incident Assessment is the report associated with reporting an incident when it occurs.

Features include:

  • A two-in-one application allowing users to easily choose between a hazard or incident assessment.
  • Users can easily take and insert images to the hazard/incident assessment to easily show what has occurred.
  • Questions for each can be easily customised based on the specific needs of your company.
  • In the case of an Incident Assessment, users are able to easily mark the location of any injuries within the app.
  • Simply share assessments through the ‘Send to email’ function, allowing employees to quickly send the reports to the appropriate supervisors immediately on completion.
  • Assessments can be reviewed and edited by administration users to ensure accurate information in within each report.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections are an essential process on any worksite to complete each day, before taking a vehicle into the field. The vehicle inspection process removes the risk of general wear and tear, or more severe damages becoming an issue for the driver once they are on the road.

Features include:

  • The ability to create your own custom vehicle checklists based on what best suits your business.
  • The app will automatically load all of your vehicle information for your selected vehicle, including the VIN, Vehicle Model and more for easy access to all your vehicle data.
  • If your vehicle isn’t already in the app, it is simple and easy to add another vehicle on the go.
  • Corrective actions to specific faults can easily be added into the app so your workers know what to do if there is an issue on the vehicle.
  • All completed vehicle inspections will automatically generate and email a vehicle inspection report to the user for future reference.

Pre-Start Meetings/Checklist

Toolbox or Pre-Start Meetings are interactive safety sessions that help a workforce to focus on safety at the start of their shift. These meetings are an opportunity for an organisation to ensure that its entire workforce is fit for duty and aware of any safety issues currently present in the workplace.

Features include:

  • The ability to customise your Pre-Start checklists to suit your specific workplace requirements.
  • Use the app to “check in” to a Pre-Start to keep record of who was a part of the meeting. This includes the ability to choose from a drop down list or to create and save new users for future check ins.
  • Add and easily save site information including GPS location and more. This information will then be available for use the next time someone uses the app.
  • A Pre-Start Report is automatically generated with easy access to view and share the report through the TOKN data widget and email function. This means you can easily share your Pre-Start checks with contractors with the click of a button

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are an essential tool used in the workplace to identify the risks associated with an activity that is going to take place. This helps to identify some of the more hazardous elements of a job. Identifying these risks helps to introduce controls to eliminate them or reduce the likelihood of them resulting in injury.

Features include:

  • The ability to easily load existing safety control documents, such as SWMS, into the app.
  • Look up common hazards and PPE to reduce risk levels.
  • Add and easily save site information including GPS location and more. This information will then be available for use the next time someone uses the app.
  • A Risk Assessment Report is automatically generated with easy access to view and share the report through the TOKN data widget and email function.

What can I add to the FieldSafe Suite?

The Incident & Hazard Assessment, Vehicle Inspection, Pre-Start Meetings and Risk Assessment apps are all automatically included in the FieldSafe Safety Suite. However, you also have the option to add the following additional safety apps to your TOKN Client:

  • Electrical Installation Testing Checklist
  • Fatigue Management Assessment
  • Field Leadership
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Broadcast Messaging Service
  • Site Diary
  • Safe Act Observations
  • and more!

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