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Enzen is a global, professional, knowledge enterprise that focuses on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in the energy and utility sector. It provides strategic advisory and execution of outcome-driven solutions to over 250+ leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations, and not-for-profits.

Enzen aspires to make energy and water accessible, affordable and sustainable for all through innovative models, technology and applications. We work with customers across the value chain to deliver sustainable and lasting improvements to their efficiency and performance, increasing their value to their customers and owners.

Our goal is to support large consumers of energy and water and improve the sustainability of resources by increasing efficiency and optimising existing operations. Besides this, we develop the commercially successful use of renewable resources to deliver a transformative advantage for our customers.

Enzen is unique in providing a wide range of strategic advisory, engineering services and solutions from end-to-end for the power, water, gas and renewable energy sectors, supported by our specialised and unique Centres of Excellence. It’s this focus on sector expertise, experience, insights and learning that means we define our employees as ‘knowledge practitioners’.

The business, founded in 2006, has grown to over 4,000 knowledge practitioners and developed across the globe. Enzen now has a presence in Australia, Africa, India, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the UK and the US and is working on projects in more than 44 countries. Visit


Enzen Australia

Level 7, 1 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5006