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Whether we like it or not, digital technology is here to stay – and tech startups are at the forefront of this transformation. The business world is embracing digital technology like never before. We are now consuming data and communicating in ways that we have never had to before – in an array of industries from mining to healthcare to education. And in some cases our lives depend on it.

TOKN is a digital technology company creating innovative enterprise software solutions that enable mid to enterprise organisations, in the Australian and global markets, to substantially improve productivity by removing duplication and waste from their processes.

The past 12 months have proved quite fruitful for the company, founded in 2016, as it has seen a mirage of ‘doubles’ – a double in customers, a double in partners and a double in the size of it’s Perth-based team.

What has driven this success?

The Team.
One of the biggest strengths of TOKN is the diversity within their office, allowing the team to draw on the worldly experience that each member brings from working in a number of different industries, in a number of different countries throughout their careers. The team’s dedication to creating new solutions and exceeding customer expectations is evident in the high quality results that they produce.

Local and narrow industry focused solutions.
TOKN has spent a lot of time narrowing down the industry segments that would benefit from TOKN the most – mining services, mining and labour hire companies. This has allowed TOKN to develop industry specific solutions that cater to the individual needs of each industry. A more focused approach, means a better end product. TOKN is also the only homegrown integration platform as a service, with all their competition being American. People often don’t realise that there is a local team with a local product, often more suited to local needs.

New templates.
Whilst producing industry specific solutions, TOKN has also substantially grown the number of templates that are available in it’s repertoire. This past year has seen the introduction of a suite of safety apps (including Take 5s, Fatigue Management, Pre-Starts and more), new and improved timesheet capture and approvals apps, purchase order raising and approvals apps and more! This means more variety and more opportunities for TOKN customers to benefit from existing, industry proven, app templates.

A growing partner base.
Although TOKN is a Perth based business, it’s reach spreads far and wide across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This wide customer base can be attributed to TOKN’s strategy of engaging enterprise partners to help promote, implement and sell the TOKN product.

What is next for TOKN?

The TOKN platform, that has been built from the ground up, is aiming for new heights in the next financial year. With targets to double customer and partner numbers again, as well as introducing even more new and exciting products to their suite, TOKN is aiming to take the enterprise software market by storm.

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