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Here at TOKN we believe in the importance of constantly innovating and reinventing our products so that they keep up with the industries we work in, and to stay in front of the ever evolving technology game. This is why we have ventured into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) with the introduction of TOKN Sense.

IoT is essentially the embedding of sensors, software and other technologies into “things” – that is people, objects, animals, PPE, etc. Essentially, it is a web of interconnected data collecting technologies that collect and collate this data, without the need for human interaction or intervention.

By using TOKN Sense, you can investigate potential faults before your customers even know there is a problem. Retrofit existing equipment with sensors and start collecting live data that is transmitted via nodes to the cloud.

Intelligent Sensor Data

TOKN Sense opens up an array of sensory data for your business. You can track where your workers are moving, mitigate maintenance needs and much more, all from one location. With all of this data available instantly on the TOKN Sense Console Dashboard, you are able to better view and analyse events as they happen.

More Informed Decisions

Access to more data, means the ability to make smarter decisions, based on what is happening right now and predicting what might happen next. The dashboards available in TOKN Sense are used to analyse your data, highlight trends and predict component failures, ensuring you are always on top of your workforce and maintenance needs.

Instant Alerts

Send triggered alerts and create jobs in connected systems when readings are outside the specified range, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

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