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We live in the digital age, where mobile devices are a big part of our daily lives. In a private capacity that has been the norm since the release of the first iPhone, whilst the business world is still playing catch-up where mobility is concerned due to the paradigm being fundamentally different. Being able to send a “Whatsapp” message or a “Facebook” post is easy on a mobile phone, with email on your mobile phone equally as easy, but largely a concept which is divorced from an actual system process.

What happens when a company starts wanting to perform a business related activity on a mobile phone?  Usually, this stems from a process being slow or one that can be significantly improved from a time perspective, ultimately resulting in money saving. It very quickly becomes apparent that providing the needed mobile functionality comes with many other considerations (Functionality, Connection, Communication, Security, Integration, Deployment, Control, Devices…).

What happens when you have a business which utilizes more than one system? We have seen cases where a number of different mobile apps, all working in a different way with a different look and feel, from different vendors are being used. Each of those come with their own requirements and trying to manage that becomes a big problem very quickly.

The TOKN Mobility platform addresses this problem because of the nature of how it works. It allows apps to be created centrally with the same, consistent, look and feel. The apps can also consume data from multiple different sources. The user is not affected by the source of the data, they only get a consistent experience regardless of where the data comes from.

TOKN Technology is a MYOB partner, and the TOKN platform has been integrated with MYOB Advanced and MYOB Greentree. 

The TOKN Platform has also most recently been certified by SAP as a product which integrates with the SAP system.

The process of linking the platform to SAP has also been simplified through our innovative technology (Patent Pending). Our connect module supports the ability to link in a SAP system with ease. We are then able to do a selection of the data we want from specific functions and to then use that data in our mobile apps.

Edit Data Extract - TOKN Connect

The SAP integration has been painstakingly included in the platform to allow both extracts from, and updates to, SAP systems. This communication is consistent with prescribed SAP methodologies and all the business rules and authorizations are respected through the process. The TOKN mobility platform has offline capability built in. Transactions which are processed on the mobile are queued (in case of no signal) and will be processed when the device regains a signal.

The TOKN platform is also scalable. Being cloud based, the resources allocated to handle load are sized according to the demand. The more the demand increases, the more the resources are increased and similarly when demand decreases, the resources are scaled back. The TOKN integration to SAP only creates a connection as and when required to perform the task and doesn’t keep those connections active while not required.

The TOKN founders come from a SAP consulting background with over 40 years of consulting experience in multiple industries in multiple countries. This wealth of process experience also plays into the mobile platform in terms of what the value drivers are.

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