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The mining and resources industry presents a number of unique challenges for any company brave enough to venture into it. Whether its the remoteness of workers, the strict (but necessary) safety regulations or the management of constantly moving workers, each day is a new challenge that needs to be faced. TOKN understands this and is here to make some of these challenges easier to tackle by providing reliable mobile tools to help you and your workers to get the job done on time and within budget.

Paperless. Always. One of the biggest gripes any mining company has is the amount of physical paperwork that needs to be printed, completed, scanned, emailed and copied on a day-to-day basis, and that is before your workers can even think about starting works for the day. TOKN lets you remove this process by accumulating all of your paperwork onto your workers’ mobile, allowing your supervisors to complete all their paperwork from the palm of their hand, giving them more time to get on with the job.

Safety, in real time. The FieldSafe Safety Suite was designed with the mining industry in mind, bringing JHAs, Journey Management Plans, Work Permits, Takes 5s, Fatigue Management and more into a single platform, allowing you to be one step ahead of hazards at all times. FieldSafe allows you to complete all your safety documentation from the palm of your hand, on your own device – anywhere, anytime. Utilise the intelligent software to prevent an incident before it happens with alerts of potential risks to your workers on site. Track all reporting with full storage of critical safety interactions, allowing you to review your data should something go wrong. Check out more info here.

Anywhere, anytime. We know the Australian mining industry. Which means we know that 90% of the time your workforce is out of phone range in the remotest parts of the country. Not a problem! With TOKN’s automatic data-transfer, all data will be transferred when your worker is back in range. Operators are always connected, with instant alerts, and company wide broadcasts keeping staff aware of hazards before going to site, online and offline; on any device.

Timesheets on the go. Streamline your approval workflows with timesheets on the go. Your workers can complete their timesheets from their own devices, send it for approval and receive confirmation of approval within minutes. There is nothing more frustrating, from a payroll perspective, than having to chase up individuals for their timesheets as they are holding up the entire company’s payroll – as if paying hundreds of people on site wasn’t stressful enough! TOKN can send automatic alerts when timesheets haven’t been submitted, reminding your workers to get their hours completed. Plus, if there are any discrepancies, you can go back through the submitted and approved timesheets to ensure that all have been processed properly. Simple as that! Learn more.

Purchasing made mobile. The TOKN Purchase Order App is the ideal solution to streamline your multi-level approval processes whilst instantly communicating all of your purchasing history to your MYOB or SAP accounting system. Utilise the TOKN Purchase Order app to easily search, raise and approve purchase orders on the go, from the palm of your hand. With full integration with your existing MYOB Advanced or MYOB Greentree system, you can easily track and search for existing purchase orders, removing the chance of duplication within your accounting system. Use the intuitive field selections to add items, descriptions, quantities, amounts, and attachments to your PO, ensuring your supervisor has all the necessary information to approve your purchase order and get you on your way.

TOKN is here to make your life in the mining industry just that little bit easier. Get in contact today to find out more!

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