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TOKN's state-of-the-art productivity platform combines user-friendly pre-designed app templates, pre-built automations and powerful integration capabilities, all seamlessly managed centrally across devices. Significantly elevating communication efficiency and operational speed.

Save countless hours

Automate manual repetitive work and deliver greater productivity, speed and transparency with fast digital tools.

Improve speed and agility with highly responsive and integrated workflows, saving your business time and expense.

Integrated Platform (iPaaS) by TOKN Technology

Get the solution you need for the way you work

Off the shelf doesn't quite do what you need

Enable faster digitalisation of your processes and workflows with a solution that works the way you do.

One system for all your apps

Seamless integration bringing your work and team together as one.

Tired of managing multiple complex systems? TOKN brings everything together with powerful integration and an intuitive user experience.


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Integrate app features you need. Customise them the way you want.

Meet the parts of our low-code app development platform and go mobile with ease.

TOKN Connect Feature - Secure connections to external systems


Comprehensive enterprise integration framework allowing quick and secure connections to external systems using a variety of services.

TOKN Workflow Feature - Unifies end user data across different business systems


Unifies end user data across different business systems providing a high degree of flexibility in how a user might interact with different connected systems and apps.

TOKN Workbench Feature - Low-Code app development


Low-Code App development. Allows administrators to collaboratively build intuitive applications quickly, that drive value.

TOKN Control - Securely manage connected devices


Securely manage connected devices using the enhanced device management capability embedded within TOKN Control.

Sense For TOKN Technology - Safely manage you workforce and automate decision making


Safely manage you workforce and automate decision making using sensors to start collecting live data, transmitted via nodes to TOKN Sense.

TOKN Content Management - Connect and engage with mobile workforces

Content Management

Connect and engage with mobile workforces by creating a “window” into the organisation, while reflecting the organisation’s brand style and image.

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Integrated Platform As A Service (IPAAS)

It’s time to make your clients’ lives easier. Perfect for managed IT providers, our white-labelled platform and app suite will prevent headaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive a little bit deeper into how TOKN provides unmatched mobile productivity improvements.

In a nutshell, TOKN is a low code app development platform and enterprise software solution. It allows
you to customise workflows by connecting your current enterprise software to native apps on smartphones and tablets. With a focus on mining, mining services, labour hire, engineering, construction, community care industry solutions. 

TOKN boasts a set of prebuilt mobile apps and software solutions for Workforce Management, Time and Attendance , Rostering, Field Service, Expense Management , Purchasing, Site Safety and more.

TOKN lets you rapidly customise the  enterprise  apps and integrations, so you get the solution you need to manage data and devices the way you want.

TOKN has a powerful integration framework called TOKN Connect which is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) , that  supports Restful API integration , to multiple systems : Microsoft Dynamics, Pronto, WIISE, MYOB, Xero. SAP,  SIMPRO,  SharePoint,  and more.

Furthermore, with TOKN connect framework, integrations can be rapidly customised to suit the Enterprise Customer

TOKN has it own API and data can be readily extracted , securely, to external systems , like Power BI, seamlessly.

Yes, TOKN has a selection of [rebuilt reports , like Overtime analysis , Roster forecast hours reporting, Timesheet Aged analysis , Incident Analysis , App Analytics reporting and more . 

Data can also be exported from an function with in TOKN. And using the TOKN API data can be seamlessly integrated in real time to tools like Power BI Click  and more.

Yes. TOKN comes with a host of app templates thaty can be rapidly customised using TOKN’s workbench module . This ensures you get the solution you need.  at the lowest price point . TOKN apps have  the ability to use device-specific hardware and software, ie capture images , spell check , voice to text and more 

TOKN is managed both by the experienced TOKN team and by our extensive partner network. The TOKN Enterprise Mobility Platform is built on the latest cloud capabilities to ensure the ultimate user experience, safe and secure data management, guaranteed uptime, and fast and effective DR. TOKN runs on high-availability and elastic Hyper Scale technology to ensure there is no impact to operations.

TOKN can be accessed pretty much anywhere , on any browser. In addition TOKN has a mobile app , that runs offline, on any device  – Android devices (running version 5 and above) – IOS devices (running version 10 and above ) – Windows 10 Desktops (running the anniversary update and above)

Yes. TOKN is a native app that has the ability to run other web apps. You’ll find versions for Android, IOS and Windows 10 (UWP) in the relevant app stores. Being a native app allows TOKN to utilise GPS, camera, SMS and other native device functions.

No! TOKN is based on a subscription model paid on a monthly basis, which means you are not locked into any extensive contracts.

Our TOKN team is full of talented, design-minded people who have been trained specifically in app UI/UX design. Before our apps are presented to the client, they are independently testing to comply with industry design standards. TOKN also completes a low fidelity and high fidelity prototype of applications.

TOKN offers a tiered subscription model, which means the TOKN offering will grow as your company grows. This means you get the most value for your money, without paying for things that you don’t need, and  paying less the more your business grows.

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Stop reinventing the wheel to meet your clients’ needs. TOKN's Partner Program works with Managed Service Providers and IT Resellers to offer end-to-end solutions for your clients.

About the Company

With our head office in Perth, and partners around the world, TOKN helps companies locally and internationally move to a mobile world quickly and at low cost.

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