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One of our favourite things at TOKN is working closely with our clients to create solutions that are new, innovative and perfectly suited to their industry requirements. This has certainly been the case with the creation of the new and improved TOKN Service Request App – a comprehensive solution that allows a dispersed workforce to view and access their allocated jobs, access contact details, enter notes, access Google maps, complete maintenance, record time, complete high risk assessments and more, all in a single, easy to use app. 

Transparency on Service Requests

Wherever you are, the TOKN Service Request app is easy to use and in the palm of your hand, providing up-to-date rosters and appointments instantly, with clever map integration making it easier to get around without wasting valuable time. Instantly confirm your schedule as you go with less room for errors. Make your workers’ job a breeze, add notes, access documents, complete maintenance, capture client signatures, take payment and more – right from your worker’s mobile device. Information is instantly communicated with your ERP, meaning the back office does not need to re-enter anything, saving time and money.

A Safer Experience – Take 5, High Risk and more

The TOKN Service Request App has been built to work for your business. Want to add a pre-work Take 5 Checklist? Done. Want to include a high risk assessment with questions custom to your business? Easy. Need a post-work checklist to make sure everything has been completed? Not a problem! We understand that every business works slightly differently and the Service App has been made so that your version of the app works perfectly for you and your workforce.

Automatic Time Record

Travel time and onsite time are often recorded separately for accounting purposes. The Service Request App allows your workers to easily start and stop travel and on site time at the push of a button. This information can then be automatically transferred to your accounting system, making payroll and invoicing simple and effortless.

Service Requests

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