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In these challenging times, as we re-imagine the way we work and consume information, mobility and digitization becomes a great way to improve processes and save money through removing duplication and waste, whilst also freeing up tangible resources.

Saving reams of paper may seem like it would be inconsequential but you would be surprised to discover the cost of paper at almost any organization.

Every organization will have at least one instance where there is a process in place that stands completely alone and is not recorded in any system. It is normally executed on paper. That piece of paper ends up in a filing cabinet for a fixed period of time before being shredded and then if everything goes to plan, recycled. If not, then it ends up in landfill somewhere.

Any kind of reporting is near to impossible and is kept only for the purpose of being able to produce it if there is ever an audit or question on it.

TOKN has addressed this for a customer that had a paper process where employees were required to fill in a form at the start of each shift. That form (piece of paper) would be completed and signed by the employee and would then be filed on a daily basis. The problem is that there were multiple locations where this activity was being performed. This resulted in a network of filing at locations across the country, which not only takes up space and wastes paper but is only needed in the event of an incident.

The TOKN platform has the ability to store this type of data (where there is no supporting system). We created a capture application for our customer so that the employees can electronically capture the same data. On submission the data is then stored in the TOKN platform and then becomes available for the customer to access from our TOKN Console. The value from this is multi level:

  •  Paper is removed from the process along with duplication, this posts an immediate saving to our customer and our customer’s customer (since our customer employees would be working on a site of their customer)
  • The data storage is centralized so all the data from the digital forms that are being completed go to one place.
  • Our customer is then able to access all those records instantly and even better, they can then report on it.
  • They can take that the reporting one step further and begin to analyze the data to identify trends and potential issues before they occur.

That is another way that the TOKN Platform is able to assist in driving value out of processes that currently just being done for the purpose of “just in case”.

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