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We know the Australian mining industry. Which means we know that 90% of the time your workforce is out of phone range, in the remotest parts of the country. It can be a real pain when your workers forget to send through that time critical Timesheet/JHA/Field Leadership Report at the end of the day because they are too busy winding down to think about the fact they have been out of range all day and the people in the office need their forms before 8am the next morning.

Not a problem! With TOKN’s automatic data-transfer, all data will be transferred when your worker is back in range. This means they can complete their paperwork throughout the day, when it is relevant, and not have to worry about it once they are back at home or camp.

Operators are always connected, with instant alerts, and company wide broadcasts keeping staff aware of hazards before going to site, online and offline; on any device.

One of the biggest issues that our clients have found with alternative mobile app solutions is the functionality (or lack of) of the applications while working offline. Sure, its all well and good to say that the app works offline, but do all the functions still work? Can you really complete all the same tasks you would be able to do whilst in range? TOKN has worked hard to ensure full functionality of all aspects of the TOKN Suite, whilst ensuring automatic upload of all data with TOKN’s data transfer as soon as the worker is back in phone signal.

We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.

John Greville Chief Operations Officer, Mader Group – Mining Service

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