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FieldSafe is a cutting edge cloud safety solution that proactively manages risk, helping to ensure your team gets home safe. Used by technicians  everywhere, FieldSafe simplifies your safe system of work, is fast to deploy, flexible  and puts safety in the hands of the people that matter most. The FieldSafe Safety Suite is award winning cloud based technology that gives you complete visibility of all your safety interactions as they happen and ensures a complete compliance record.

"We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that."

John Greville
Chief Operations Officer
Mader Group – Mining

Site Safety App



  • Simplify your safe system of work.
  • Immediate visibility of your complete digital compliance record of every safety interaction.
  • Proactively manage risks and keep your team safe.
  • Smart messaging- get notified ahead of time.
  • Track all your safety interactions as they happen and avoid the risk of failing to act with proactive action management. 
  • Engage your employees with a better user experience on all devices, no more paper.
  • Save with our low-cost cloud based service SaaS solution.
  • Ensure your team is more informed and up to date with mobile learning management.
  • Extend and Customise your app to suit your system of work.
  • Integrated with your job management and business systems.

Utilise the intelligent software to help prevent an incident before it happens. Track reporting of all critical safety interactions and should something go wrong, in-built proactive messaging and alerts help keep you informed. All safety interactions are stored on the TOKN Cloud Platform and can be accessed from anywhere, ensuring you are always compliant. Report incidents, record the investigation and manage actions, audit processes and access procedure guides in the field. 


  • A superior user experience,  built on TOKN’s lasted mobile App technology,  Field safe templates cover all your interactions in the field.  A versatile app built on the latest mobile technology that’s easy to use and designed in the field for people on the front line. Field safe runs on any device and is branded and customised to  meet your businesses requirement.
  • Full compliance record. Keeping pace with the digital site can be daunting but FieldSafe will do the hard work for you. Keep track with risk assessments and instantly get access to all your interactions and reports at any time through your dedicated cloud based portal. 
  • Complex risk management could lead to an unsafe working environment. Simplify your process with intuitive risk assessments and critical control management features. The FieldSafe app provides support for uploading your safe work method instructions SWMS, that can be referenced at anytime, anywhere on any device instantly.
  • Mobile Learning management. Instantly upload and publish inductions and training materials to your teams or individuals. Teams get instantly notified and can complete the module in their own time on their device. Centrally track your teams progress in your cloud-based dashboard from anywhere.
  • Instant alerts and monitoring. Should something go wrong, FieldSafe will automatically notify your contact, with push messaging and email alerts, ensuring peace of mind. 
  • The Safety Broadcast Messaging feature allows you to publish instant safety messages and safety updates to everyone in the field – no more email blasts.
  • More comprehensive incident and investigation management with root cause analysis including Digital Bow ties, 5-Whys, timelines and more. Report and manage events anywhere, generate notifications. 
  • Complete process automation with digital action management. Customise your workflows and automate routine internal and external approvals. Track all your actions and schedule reminders and alerts. 
  • Complete integration options with your other systems. Field safe uses the TOKN connect module to seamlessly connect with your business and job management software, like Simpro, Xero, SAP, MYOB, and more.
  • Powerful inspection tools, with comprehensive capability, including digital signatures, form validations, voice to text, image capture , annotation and email integration.


  • Risk assessments 
  • Journey management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Investigations and timelines
  • Action management
  • Hazard report
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Prestart
  • Site Diary 
  • Take 5
  • Safe Act Observation
  • Planned Task Observations 
  • Blood Alcohol Calculator 
  • Job Hazard Analysis 
  • Field Leadership
  • Fatigue Assessment
  • Safety Broadcast Messaging 
  • Learning Management

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