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In today’s modern workforce, the gender pay gap remains a persistent challenge, reflecting disparities in earnings between men and women. Despite efforts towards equality, statistics reveal that women continue to earn less than men on average, highlighting the ongoing issue of unequal compensation practices. According to the ABS, the gender pay gap in Australia ranges from 8.4% to 26.7%, highlighting significant differences in earnings between men and women. In Western Australia alone, the gender pay gap is decreasing however it continues to be the highest nationally, at 21.2% across all industries, down from 28.2% in 2011.

This discrepancy not only undermines fairness but also perpetuates systemic inequalities within organisations. Addressing this problem is crucial for fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace where all individuals are valued equally for their contributions.

The gender pay gap in Australia has been a significant focus, with recent changes leading to increased transparency. Companies are now required to submit internal data to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), resulting in the publication of gender pay gaps at all companies with over 100 employees. 

To minimise the gender pay gap and promote transparency and fairness in compensation, organisations must prioritise implementing measures that ensure equal pay for equal work. By embracing transparent salary structures, conducting regular pay audits, and promoting open discussions about compensation, companies can take proactive steps towards closing the gender pay gap. Creating a culture of fairness and accountability around pay practices is essential in fostering an environment where all employees are compensated fairly based on their skills, experience, and performance.

TOKN Technology: Empowering Gender Pay Equity

At TOKN Technology, we recognise the importance of addressing the gender pay gap and promoting workplace equality. Our suite of innovative tools—Timesheet+, Expense Management, and RosterPro—offers a comprehensive solution to enhance transparency and fairness in compensation practices. By leveraging our tools, organisations can streamline time tracking, expense management, and workforce scheduling to ensure equitable pay distribution based on objective criteria.

RosterPro: Fostering Equality

Our latest innovation – RosterPro revolutionises workforce scheduling by facilitating efficient roster management and resource allocation. By leveraging intelligent rostering algorithms, RosterPro streamlines scheduling processes, reduces conflicts, and ensures equitable workload distribution. This optimization not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a fair compensation structure within organisations. With user-friendly implementation and seamless integration with TOKN’s comprehensive time management and communication solutions, RosterPro empowers businesses to maximise workforce utilisation, control costs effectively, and enhance overall workforce management. Additionally, the offline access mobile app technology provided by TOKN ensures that field technicians can access roster information, job packs, site details, travel itineraries, and more even in areas with limited connectivity. Furthermore, RosterPro offers features like filtering roster views, editing specific roster days, integration with timesheets for streamlined reporting and timeline creation, as well as advanced reporting capabilities on forecasted hours and shifts to optimise workforce planning and utilisation efficiently.

Timesheet+: Enhancing Transparency

Timesheet+ revolutionises time tracking by providing a transparent platform for recording work hours and activities. By promoting accurate data collection and visibility into employee contributions, Timesheet+ aids in identifying potential discrepancies in workload distribution that may contribute to the gender pay gap.

Expense Management: Promoting Fairness

Our Expense Management tool facilitates fair reimbursement processes by standardising expense claims and approvals. By ensuring consistency in financial transactions, Expense Management helps mitigate biases that could impact gender-based pay disparities.

By embracing TOKN Technology’s suite of tools, organisations can proactively address the gender pay gap by promoting transparency, fairness, and accountability in compensation practices. Together, we can create workplaces where every individual is valued equally for their contributions, regardless of gender.

Join us in our mission to empower gender pay equity and foster a culture of inclusivity and fairness in the workplace with TOKN Technology.

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