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Published by Mija Belamide

August 22, 2023


Executive Summary

Radlink Communications is a leading telecommunications service provider, established in 2007 to offer local technical support across Australia, earning a reputation as one of Australia’s leaders in radio and fixed technology solutions. Radlink provides a range of services, including installations, repair services, field services, engineering, 3D modelling, consultancy, design services, as well as radio rental systems. Radlink has all the in-house capabilities needed to design, build, install, commission, train, manage and service the solution to meet their client’s needs. Widely respected as one of the largest and most capable suppliers of radio communication networks and equipment, Radlink brings a wide range of skills from their experience in mining, oil and gas, local governments, rail, emergency services, defence, hospitals, universities and port authorities, with an extensive team of qualified engineers, technicians and project teams from all around the world. Taking on a collaborative approach to understanding the needs of their clients and finding the most cost-effective, reliable, scalable solutions, Radlink is committed to delivering quality products and services to their clients while maintaining a safe, and secure workplace.

‘Our experience and independence across all product ranges and technologies lets us step back and choose the best components to meet the specific requirements. Radlink can then provide a tailored design and integrate the best solution that meets stringent client requirements and provides a reliable, scalable platform for the future.’ 

– Radlink Communications


Radlink has a scaling workforce that is often working in remote locations, around the country, on critical infrastructure. Keeping the workforce up-to-date and connected with real-time information, and engaged with the business was challenging. 

Radlink was engaged in manual processes, often paper-based. This resulted in laborious rekeying of data, longer HR and Payroll processing times and excessive overheads and administration. Keeping track of time entry, leave balances, expense claims was time-consuming and a manual process. Having to fill out an excel sheet for an expense claim, get it signed by the approver, then walk it to the accounts department for processing was proving more and more inefficient particularly for FIFO workers. Radlink was looking for a more integrated, simplified and smarter way to engage their staff and drive the automation required to scale the business.


‘Clinton and Kevin with the team at TOKN have provided exceptional customer service integrating TOKN with our business operating system. The software is easy to use and caters for our specific business requirements. TOKN has streamlined our processes and made it convenient for all staff (especially FIFO workers) to submit timesheets, request leave and lodge expense claims.’ – Radlink Communications

Radlink is committed to delivering high-quality innovative services to its clients. To assist with this, Radlink prioritised providing smarter innovative solutions that are secure, reliable, and cost effective. This is when Radlink looked into TOKN’s innovative, rapid-app platform solution, to help deliver the automation required.

Using TOKN’s platform, Radlink has been able to deliver a series of digital applications, all tailored to meet the organisation’s specific operational and business process requirements. Radlink carefully mapped out areas of the business where the most efficiency gains could be found and has applied intuitive digital tools to drive process efficiencies and overhaul the user’s experience, saving hours of manual work. 

Radlink rolled out the TOKN Timesheet+ app across the workforce as it is designed to run on any device, built on the latest mobile technology. The app integrates seamlessly with Radlink’s payroll and job management systems, presenting a fast intuitive user experience. It also offers offline processing, recording, and managing timesheet captures locally and connecting them to your systems automatically. 

To create visibility for managers and line leaders of their teams’ engagements, Radlink added TOKN smart approval. This approver’s console displays all timesheets submitted by the team members for approval, effortlessly streamlining the approval process. A report can be generated to summarise all pending/missing timesheets for a given period, defaulting to the current week-ending date, which ensures that no timesheet is ever missed and that there is no delay in processing payroll. Radlink is able to instantly view all timesheets across their business, giving them the option to approve or reject timesheets and manage timesheet workflows in real-time. 

Radlink has since added two more TOKN apps to help streamline leave requests and approvals, expense capture and approvals. All apps are integrated into Radlink’s business systems in real-time, enabling fast and efficient data capture and processing. Using TOKN’s API framework and infrastructure, Radlink has been able to deliver and securely manage the apps across the organisation rapidly.


  • Ability to scale the business with more automated workflows, effortless time capture, approvals and seamless integration to payroll and job costing. 
  • Improved productivity and efficacy by automating manual tasks and data capture. 
  • Increased the engagement of employees with superior user experience. 
  • Extended and enhanced with deep customisation options; branding, sign-offs, image capture, meals and disbursements. 
  • Ensured source of truth integration with real-time Systems integration to Payroll and job management. 
  • Faster digitalisation of lengthy processes and workflows – elimination of repetitive, manual paper-based processes. 
  • Quick and secure configuration of connections to external systems, using various services. 
  • High degree of flexibility in how a user interacts with different connected systems through TOKN Workflow, unifying end-user data across different business systems.
  • Improved timesheet capture with an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app- no password required.
  • End-to-end timesheet approval management.
  • Enhanced digital capability and increased use of mobility within a simple framework.
  • Low implementation, installation, or hardware expenses.