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Mader Group – Safety as a Priority

Mader Group – Safety as a Priority


Executive Summary

Mader is a global mining services company, that specialists in supplying mobile and fixed plant equipment maintenance and support resources. Mader deploy highly skilled and dynamic employees throughout the major mining regions of Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. A feat only made possible through sourcing and retaining the best workforce

The Mader workforce operates over wide geographical areas and often in remote locations without network coverage. Most work being performed uses manual paper processes to capture information, which is then re-keyed into the business systems by the back-office team. This exposes error and inefficiency due to double entry and the potential for human error. In addition, their work carries a high degree of risk and it is vital that Mader are connected to their workforce to monitor safe behaviour and keep their workers informed of important information.

Mader as a leading-edge service provider, has a vision of working toward a fully electronic and paper free environment across its internal and external workforce. Mader are also driving a safer and more engaged workforce, providing real time data to people in the field so they can make informed decisions. In addition to this Mader are proud of their diverse and inclusive culture. Instrumental to this is the ability communicate with staff who may not be in the office for long periods of time

"We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that"

John Greville Chief Operations Officer, Mader Group – Mining Services

In August 2018, the Addax Business Solutions sales team in Perth referred TOKN to Mader. Mader engaged TOKN to help fulfill its requirement for device agnostic enhanced digital capability and to better engage its mobile workforce. In addition, to drive greater safety and compliance on the front line and accelerate efficiencies for the business.


In partnership with Addax Business Solutions, TOKN and MADER delivered several fully integrated enterprise mobile applications and the administrative framework with which to manage them. Mader have also adopted the modern approach to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) meaning a mobile workforce uses their own devices, of which there are multiple types, whilst working with intermittent network connectivity.

The TOKN Cloud Enterprise platform was used to provide digital capabilities to quickly deliver apps based on app templates and fully integrate those with MYOB and TOKN data sources. This includes the provision of the application management framework for administering and controlling them securely in the field. The TOKN framework and App templates were used to deliver a series of apps across the operation for Safety, Time recording and approvals management and Communications

TOKN is a platform technology, with a focus on being a simple framework that allows minimally trained staff members (with the right permissions) to create digital apps that can pull data out and push data in to various underlying connected corporate systems.


Drive safety and compliance more broadly for the Mader mobile workforce. By adopting a digital framework, Mader now has a digital audit trail of inspections performed and controls implemented;

Increased staff engagement by delivering company news and updates directly to the individual in remote locations;

Increased productivity. Mader estimates a 25% increase in productivity through delivered efficiencies, removal of manual paper-based processes & double entry, and expedited the billing cycle;

Enhanced the digital capability and increased use of mobility within a simple framework. Mader has estimated a 100% increase in usage of mobility;

Low implementation, installation or hardware expenses. Adopting a Cloud based Solution Mader had no installation and application hosting expenses;

Reduced device provisioning by adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, Mader was able to support employees using their own devices, this increased engagement and reduced device provisioning expenses.

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