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We have previously talked about what IoT is and some of the features that come with the territory, as well as some of the advantages of adopting the TOKN Sense Platform into your workplace. Now, let’s cover one of the applications of IoT and TOKN Sense in the world of Mining and Field Service. 

Preventive maintenance is the process of identifying potential failures and faults on remote machinery and equipment before they become critical issues. Preventive maintenance is generally performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. Preventative maintenance is seen as a huge money and time saver in the mining industry as it prevents breakdowns and high cost repairs in the long run.

IoT can play a massive hand in preventive maintenance by providing real time and accurate data on the current state of different parts of fixed and mobile plant. For example, Davies Wear Plate Systems (now part of Metso Outotec) are able to install small wear sensors in the sacrificial metallic and ceramic liners that are fitted to chutes and which wear down through constant and consistent use. The sensors will monitor the level of wear in the liners in real time and, using this information, it is possible to determine when the liners are beginning to reach the end of their serviceable life.

Although collecting large amounts of data is very important, companies can find great difficulty in processing the huge amounts of data that is being received. In order to be able to make reliable reports about the condition of plant and therefore be able to detect malfunctions as quickly as possible, this data must be handled appropriately. Having this data is important, but receiving, interpreting, outputting and creating actions from it is where the cost and efficiency savings really take place. By connecting to any sensor, TOKN Sense is able to sort this information and then use it to notify the appropriate individuals with maintenance alerts when a liner needs to be replaced, through the use of predefined rules and workflows. This creates decision automation where TOKN Sense has the ability to trigger events in connected ERP systems including maintenance planning, task prioritisation and more!

By utilising the power of IoT in the process of preventive maintenance, equipment downtime decreased by up to 70%, productivity increase by 25% and lower the cost of maintenance by 25% (Predictive Maintenance l Position Paper – Deloitte Analytics Institute). Better maintenance of assets increases the life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment.

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