TOKN Technology

The TOKN Timesheet+ App is one of our most used applications throughout a variety of businesses in a range of different industries. As such, we see it as important to be forever innovating the application and adding new features to it to ensure it has endless functionality for our clients to meet each of their needs. The last couple of months, we have been working hard in this space to introduce some new and updated features.

Timesheet Analytics

The safety of your workers is paramount to being able to operate a successful business. This includes ensuring your workers aren’t fatigued, or working more hours than they legally should be. The Timesheets+ can now produce a report that ensures all of your workers hours’ are within the set compliant hour guidelines. For example, the TOKN Dashboard can be set up to display a report (or an alert) who worked more than 14 hours per day for a given period. Having this visibility ensures your workers are always working safe hours and removes the issue of fatigued workers due to working over hours.

Pending Timesheets Reports

We know that the hardest part about timesheets is getting the appropriate supervisors to complete the approvals in time for payroll to run at the end of the week. To combat this we have added the capability to generate a report that summarises all pending timesheets for a given period, defaulting to current week-ending date. This makes it easy to ensure no timesheet is ever missed and there is no delay on processing your payroll.

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