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From nightmare to a dream come true: How TOKN’s Purchase Order App streamlines purchasing and procurement.

Coming from a mining background, I know that nothing ever seems to go according to plan. Workers on site always need last minute materials, vehicles or labour hire services to get the job done. Which means that purchase orders need to be raised, approved and sent off to the supplier quickly before the store closes, the stock is sold or the client gets a wiff of the fact that you didn’t have all the materials on site in the first place! In a lot of companies, this task is left up to the office admin, who is normally thousands of kilometres away from site and could easily be out to lunch or grabbing a coffee just at the vital moment when your worker is standing at the counter of the store, wanting to take the items with them and get back to site.

Coming to work at TOKN, I was overjoyed to find that a solution existed to remove the daily struggle that purchasing and procurement presents.

The TOKN Purchase Order App takes the job of raising purchase orders out of the office and puts it into the hands of the guys on site. They are able to raise a PO instantly on their phone, whilst standing in the store, send it for approval and have it ready to go within minutes, reducing the amount of time they are waiting around and letting them get back to work. Plus, with full integration with MYOB, its easy to search for existing purchase orders, removing the chance of duplication. So you know your accounting team is going to love it too!

Let me summarise for you – your office staff are less busy as the task of raising purchase orders is taken off their hands, your workers are happier because they are spending less of their time waiting around for a purchase order to be raised, AND your clients are happier because the job is getting done quicker as there are less steps in the purchasing process. What more could you want!?

Still not convinced? Check out the below explainer video or head to the TOKN Website to see for yourself how the TOKN Purchase order App will streamline your workforce:

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