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Enzen develops a new low-cost, low-code enterprise solution with TOKN, enabling Australia's utilities to make their operations more sustainable.

Through TOKN’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) technology, Enzen has launched ZenConnect – an end to end cloud based mobility solution, built to accelerate the digitalisation of Australian utilities, enabling power, gas and water field operatives to access real-time information about network assets in an organised and user friendly approach.

TOKN is excited to announce its partnership with Enzen Australia, the global knowledge enterprise specialising in the energy and water industries. Using TOKN’s platform, Enzen has built this highly configurative mobile solution to maximise efficiency, improve data quality and empower workforces in a digitalised world. Watch our video discussing more about TOKN’s partnership with Enzen and download the press release below.

Dina Williams, Executive Director and Head of Digital Enterprise Solutions and Transformation at Enzen Australia, says, “There is a growing need in the Australian utilities market for a mobile enterprise solution that enables networks to transform their operations in line with the demands of the energy transition. The combination of Enzen’s deep domain utilities knowledge and TOKN’s innovative technology give power, water and gas networks a huge opportunity to accelerate their digitalisation at low cost.”

Benefits of ZenConnect

ZenConnect integrates with most mobile devices including IOS and Android, offering offline capability and can be rapidly deployed across different functions. Through ZenConnect, utilities companies will benefit from automated systems, superior data quality and overall, a more connected and engaged workforce.

Clinton Schroeder, CEO and Founder of TOKN, says, “We are excited to form this partnership with Enzen. Both our organisations have a common strategy to drive the digitalisation of enterprise in industry through best-of-breed processes that deliver advantages in productivity, efficiency and safety. We’re looking forward to rolling out this customised, flexible solution for the Australian utilities market and beyond.” 

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