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TOKN  is an award winning technology platform as a service (iPaaS), that enables you to connect your workforce and scale your business, from the palm of your hand, on your own device – anywhere at anytime. Utilise the intelligent software to help grow your business. Put your apps on one central location, powered on the TOKN Cloud Platform. 

Our clients and partners struggle to automate their business operations fast enough. They find it critical to keep their team engaged and their back office productive, to automate tasks and remove duplication of effort and countless errors from their processes. Often, they turn to technology to help but this can be extremely cost prohibitive and inflexible. Specialist skills are in short supply and off the shelf software can be expensive. Some demand that businesses completely change their entire systems landscape. As a result, most are stuck using manual tools, poor data quality, disengaged teams and the inability to embrace change quick enough to digitally transform.

Clients often rely on manually capturing the information on sheets of paper to be chased and rekeyed by an administrator, often resulting in prolonged payroll runs, duplication of effort, errors, disgruntled employees who have not been paid and delayed invoicing cycles. This overall impacts the businesses’ cash flow, staff morale and ability to compete.

TOKN is a rapid app platform used globally by enterprise organisations to accelerate their digital transformation. We build apps faster and cheaper than anybody else. Get the digital tools you need to automate your workflows payroll, cash flow and billing cycle with intuitive digital tools and seamless integration. The TOKN platform integrates and connects your data and systems with everything in one place, on one platform, allowing you to scale your business.


  • Automate workflows and increase productivity. On average, TOKN has consistently recorded productivity savings of 30% across multiple business processes.
  • Accelerate your digital transformation with TOKN’s rapid app deployment and low code app built technology and vast template library.
  • Delight your customers with exceptional customer experiences, brilliant user interfaces and outstanding  digital processes.
  • Lower implementation costs. TOKN is cheaper to implement and manage, saving on average 40% on project costs. 
  • Lower the cost of ownership with a cloud based solution, zero infrastructure spend, far lower support and maintenance costs and guaranteed uptime.
  • Get the system you want with flexible customisation options.
  • Sustain your solution and safeguard your project investment with the highest level of care, including guaranteed cloud service up time and ongoing support across all mobile client, android iOS, and Windows clients 24/7.
  • Improve staff engagement and retention with open intuitive channels of communication and easy to use digital apps.

 TOKN supports users across hundreds of sites today, in multiple industries from aged care to mining in some very remote locations. All our solutions are intuitive, easy to use and will transform your organisation.

"We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that."

John Greville
Chief Operations Officer
Mader Group – Mining


"Since implementing the TOKN Platform, our staff and the families of our residents now have peace of mind with more transparent reporting and real time information of their patients and loved ones. Our staff have experienced significant time saving and efficiency gains through process automation, resulting in our staff being really impressed with the application overall.”

Monica Linthorne

Financial Services Officer

PeopleKind Group – Community Care

TOKN Platform Capability
  • Low Code app development and customisation workbench. Apps can be easily changed to suit the business in a fraction of the time.
  •   TOKN includes a Rapid systems integration framework, to connect systems faster. API configuration has never been simpler. Quickly integrate and connect systems. Prebuilt integration to SAP, MYOB, SharePoint, XERO and more.
  •   TOKN includes a creative app template library to ensure you don’t start from scratch, kickstart your digital transformation today, quickly pull on one of our templates and change it to suit your business and connected to your business systems. 
  •   TOKN is Cloud-Native so you don’t have to worry about running and managing servers or server licences. Everything runs securely on AWS docker containers with multiple redundancies in different availability zones for all critical resources
  •  TOKN comes with out-of-the-box industry standard security features, including bi factor authentication, that does not compromise the user experience.
  •   The TOKN platform is designed to run off-line seamlessly, and will automatically save and process your data when you have a connection. Extend your system of work to everybody anywhere.
  •   TOKN runs securely on any device platforms  IOS Android and Windows. Choose your device that works best for you. Get work done faster, easier and from anywhere, with Bring-Your-Own-Device support.
  •   Remote, app management, with security reporting and control built in.
TOKN Platform Modules
  • TOKN Connect
  • TOKN Workflow
  • TOKN Workbench
  • TOKN Control
  • TOKN Sense
  • TOKN Content Management

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