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Here at TOKN we live by the motto “providing digital transformation, without disruption”. Why? Because we know there is nothing worse than implementing a new fandangle system into a business, only to find that it takes 3 months to deploy, 2 months to get everyone signed up and an extra 3 months for it to start being useful. That’s without even talking about the costs that come along with this process as well. Nobody has the time or money for that! That’s why the TOKN Platform is the best solution to create quick, easy to deploy apps, at a reasonable price point, whether it be to change your business processes forever, or just to satisfy a short-term need for something specific to your organisation.

Build and deploy, stat.
TOKN’s clever API based system means that it’s now quicker and easier to connect to your existing data, no matter what system you are currently using. And what does a quick data grab mean? It means you can deploy your apps faster. No more waiting months for a single platform to be designed, built and developed, TOKN has the ability to have your workforce going mobile in less time than ever before. What’s even better? The TOKN Platform is so simple to use, with an array of app templates readily available to use, you can be building and deploying your own apps in no time – no software engineering degree required!

Scale me up!
TOKN is all about fast scalability so you can get your whole workforce on board, now. AWS forms the backbone of the system with different AWS services working to make sure that the system is always available. When demand increases, resources are automatically scaled up. Load balancers, scaling groups and availability zones are used together to make sure that not only is the system scalable but also highly resilient.

Data, data, data, data, data, data, data, data. You’re probably swimming in it. So what do you do with it? The TOKN Platform provides copious insights into how your users are interacting with their new app, how often they are logging in, what features they are using and which devices they are accessing it from. How does this help? It allows you to better understand what parts of your app are most valuable and what areas need to be improved.

Bring Your Own Device.
One of the biggest hurdles a lot of companies seem to find is justifying the cost of supplying devices to all of their workers in order to deploy their new mobility strategy. With TOKN, this isn’t an issue, with the ability to adopt the “Bring Your Own Device” Culture, meaning your workers can easily install the TOKN app on their own phones, with head office having complete control over which aspects of your company’s app each user has access to, or even allowing you to remove them from the company profile if they leave the company, all from a single location.

Offline Capability.
Does your job involve working in the middle of nowhere? No problems! All TOKN apps work offline (wherever you are), with all of your data automatically uploaded to the TOKN Platform once you are back in phone range. This means you are always connected (and your workers have officially run out of excuses to not submit their paperwork).

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