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TOKN delivers Enterprise Software that allows agile development, deployment and management of mobile applications – lowering costs, improving security and creating a better user experience. Recently voted the the most Transformative Business Solution for 2020, we realize that this didn’t happen by chance…

One of the things we are proudest of here at TOKN is the amount of “girl power” that runs through the veins of the company. With an office proportioned in a way that is rare to see in the tech world, it is great to see the TOKN founders continually encouraging the great women of this office to break the stereotypes of Software Developers and achieve new heights!

It made a lot of sense to us when the Women in Tech in WA (WiTWA) Awards opened for 2020 for us to nominate the fantastic talents of our office for the esteemed WiTWA Tech [+] 20 Awards. Just by completing the process of submitting the application gave our candidates a chance to see for themselves how much they have really achieved, both personally and professionally, and show the rest of the office how lucky they are to be working with such strong and talented women.

We wish Shwetha, Rashmita & Jojo “good luck” for the awards, and hope all the other amazing women working in tech realize how much they are killing it in their chosen fields – we can’t wait to see all your faces up on the WiTWA “Role Models” page!

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