Engineering Office Dubai

Engineering Office Dubai

Executive Summary

Engineering Office (EO) is the private company of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The major activity is construction and facility/vehicle management. EO Runs SAP Hana.

In February 2016, TOKN was approached by EO to assist with their mobility strategy. EO were in the middle of considering many mobility solutions and vendors and they wanted to know how they could simplify the way they were working and focus on achieving a high level of business confidence among their users.

Ms. Ameena Abdul Raheem (Head of IT at EO) said, “We are under a very tight timeline with business confidence depending on our ability to deliver an application which can support them.” She additionally said, “Since we don’t have the luxury of time on this, the solution doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as it provides basic functionality to support the activity.” It was believed that TOKN could assist in boosting business confidence in IT at EO by delivering the required functionality in a relatively short timeframe focusing on usability and value creation over frills.


The solution was to implement a mobile solution to resolve the asset count problem for Engineers office, on the TOKN mobility platform. The result of this is a highly efficient application development and deployment cycle. The simplicity means that business value is immediately evident and this greatly improves the user experience and confidence.
A virtual machine was set up on an existing server and the installation occurred on the same day. The fully functional application was ready for internal testing within 7 working days (from concept to testing deployment).

The solution was deployed using one TOKN resource to do the TOKN setup and application creation. Please also note that the solution was deployed and demonstrated on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices with the included barcode scanning functionality on all the mobile platforms.

When we showed the functionality to Ms. Ameena Abdul Raheem (Head of IT at EO), her comment was, “This is amazing! The agility is unbelievable! You guys have really delivered according to your promise and in line with your claim that the platform is so agile that the timeline for mobile application deployment is drastically reduced”.

When we showed her that the application is then also available on Windows Phone, and iOS she had this to say: “You mean to tell me that by default, any application which you put on the TOKN platform is available on all three mobile platforms without needing to do any programming on those platforms, this is exactly what we need and what other companies would need”.

What we did:

  • We created the custom mobile application, streamlined for asset counting, incorporating only the specific information required by the user.
  • We create customer apps for mobile analytics . This provides real time viability of entire asset count process
  • We incorporated new functionality, which allows the use of the device camera to perform a barcode scan.
  • We are able to deploy the application to devices no matter the operating system (Please also note that the solution was deployed and demonstrated on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices with the included barcode scanning functionality on all the mobile platforms.
  • We also created a custom version of the TOKN client application for EO, which integrates with the laser scanner on the cruiser H9 rugged device.
  • We integrated the mobile application seamlessly with SAP HANA.
  • We delivered offline-processing capability on the Mobile application.
  • Using this platform approach we enabled BYOD (bring your own device), while securing all corporate information.

Cost benefit Analysis

TOKN Competitor
Low implementation costs $15k $450 000
Fast Delivery 14 Day 6 months
Task Time  15 days /$100K 225 Days
Infrastructure 0 – Cloud Servers, Devices $4000 per user/year

The Solution was delivered using internal TOKN resources and one EO developer. The EO developer was only engaged for 2 man-days of the cycle making the required adjustments on the asset verification data extracts and updates.

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June 5, 2019