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Seeka Case Study

Seeka Case Study


Executive Summary

Seeka is New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit grower, with over 35 years of experience. An expert in supply chain management, Seeka delivers New Zealand’s best produce across New Zealand and a growing range of international markets.

Seeka prides themselves on being committed to applying industry best practices for land management and using the latest technologies to deliver healthy produce to their clients and customers.

With approximately 1, 600 hectares of land spread across Australia and New Zealand, Seeka operates across numerous rural farms that need to process and distribute produce in a timely manner.

Seeka engaged TOKN Technology to create a solution that would provide a digital user interface for their purchasing processes integrated to their MYOB Greentree system across several key interactions utilised on a daily basis across the organisation.

“A key benefit of the TOKN app for Seeka is the move away from a paper-based Purchase Order process to a system that is more secure with tightened internal controls. The service provided by TOKN Technology on supporting this product has been great. They are more than happy to modify the product to ensure the end user has the best experience.” 

Nick Andrew – Seeka Ltd Systems Accountant


Seeka is at the forefront of agricultural technological innovation, supported by a dedicated team working to optimise all aspects of the growing, picking, packing, distribution and sale of fresh produce.

With remote farms located across New Zealand and Australia, there are a number of logistical aspects that need to be covered to allow the company to run smoothly. Seeka is using the MYOB Greentree system as their finance system, however the purchase order user interface was not mobile.

Seeka sought to find an innovative solution that would leverage mobile technology to allow them to digitalise purchase orders to help them to speed up logistical processes and reduce manual entry across their entire organisation.


The Seeka finance team saw an opportunity to tap into the use of mobile technology to provide access to digital purchase orders to the operational teams, working in line with their goal to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation when they were demonstrated the TOKN purchase order application.

TOKN has provided an easy-to-use, mobile user interface that has the ability to create, edit and approve purchase orders, invoice approvals and digital goods receipting.

Supported by award winning TOKN Enterprise Cloud Platform, the purchasing and invoicing app integrates with Seeka’s MYOB Greentree system and instantly distributes the relevant information to the digital devices of workers. The app works by pulling data from the ERP system, while allowing the user to interact with, edit and update this information. This data is then sent back into the system from hand completed paperwork.


  • A full, interactive digital experience of Seeka’s purchasing, invoicing and good receipting processes, working with Greentree in the background;
  • This project has allowed for scalability at Seeka’s operation;
  • Accounts Payable now spend less time chasing details around purchase order information;
  • The APP has tightened controls around Seeka’s purchasing;
  • With TOKN, the team has moved away from manual data entry and paper management. There is now reduced administrative time spent on entering data;
  • TOKN has streamlined business processes with real-time Greentree integration;
  • Increased utilisation of core Greentree purchasing modules and add-on eDoc modules;
  • Over 1500 weekly app interactions.