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Executive Summary

Established in 2019, MDL Civil is a civil engineer company based in New Zealand that offers modern technology and extensive industry knowledge to match a growing demand for the delivery of quality property development and civil engineering projects. MDL Civil is comprised of a highly qualified team with safety being a priority, bringing vast experience in large scale development, civil infrastructure and earthwork projects, carrying a strong reputation for their organisational skills. 

MDL Civil helps private and public sector clients find innovative solutions to meet their project scopes, timeframes and budgets while achieving high quality results. Applying the latest technology and machinery, MDL Civil offers infrastructure, house foundations, subdivision delivery, civil works and road services- including road marking, surfacing, sealing, traffic control, sub base and base course construction across New Zealand.

‘Proven experience and cutting-edge machinery means we are adding value to a wide array of infrastructure projects and land development works across New Zealand. Behind every job is a ‘people first’ attitude, and our strong relationships within the construction industry allows us to explore innovative ideas, while meeting deadline and budget.’ – MDL Civil


The MDL Civil team consists of employees operating in different remote sites at different times. Keeping track of where projects and job are and safely managing employees in the field is challenging. Managing accurate Job costing for labour and plant charges  was diffidult and time consuming. Systems were not integrated and relied on manual processes. This meant that there were delays in up to date information becoming available to the right people. Contractor timesheeting and approvals were manual and relied heavily on manual back office processing, putting preasure on staff to produce timely payroll processes and effect Job billing.

Ensuring employees stay connected, safe and up to date with key information is a top priority. Relying on email blasts, manual follow ups and paper based processes is ineffective and can become a lengthy process. This is when MDL Civil approached TOKN in search for a more time convenient and reliable solution to release accurate information, ensuring effective communication across the workforce.


MDL Civil adopted the TOKN framework and app templates to deliver a series of digital solutions across the operation including Digital timesheets and approvals  , Mobile Comms, Digital leave requests and leave approvals. 

The TOKN Digital timesheet+ app template was used to role out contractor timesheeting  across the business’ to multiple sites and remote locations . The template was easily customised , using the TOKN low-code app workbench, to incorporate Plant charges , Offline processing , Allowances, Duplicate timesheet management , supporting  images and more. The app is fully integrated in o the MDL’s  MYOB platform and include digital timesheet approvals. Back office have the peace of mind to approve, edit and reject timesheets on a fully automated cloud application.

The TOKN Leave Request App provides a comprehensive leave request and approval solution, right at the fingertips of remote workers, making tracking leave as quick and simple as possible. Employees are able to view their leave requests, remaining leave balance and the status of any pending requests. 

By implementing TOKN’s leave request and approvals, MDL Civil has been able to move data between critical business applications without the associated costs of maintaining or acquiring additional software or custom codes. MDL Civil has also adopted the modern approach to bring-your-own-device (BYOD), reducing device provision expenses.

Keeping teams connected, safe and alert is crucial, especially with a workforce comprised of remote workers spread across different job sites. With the comms tool, now known as ‘Hubflo,’ MDL Civil has been able to deliver quick and accurate information to their staff, ensuring efficient communication amongst the workforce – all in the palm of their hand. TOKN’s user-led innovation has enabled faster digitalisation of lengthy processes and workflows, enabling MDL Civil to automate and simplify their workflow while improving data quality, increasing productivity and maintaining a safe and healthy work culture.

“TOKN has saved us a lot of time. Right from the beginning I was really impressed with how the team communicated. Once our team saw how easy it was to use, they all provided extremely positive feedback. Our experience was really fantastic, and continues to be.” 

– Yoshin Naidoo, Resource CoOrdinator 

MDL Civil


  • Increased staff engagement by delivering company news and updates directly to individuals and teams in remote locations; 
  • Faster digitalisation of lengthy processes and workflows – elimination of repetitive, manual paper based process; 
  • Improved data quality – Faster and more effective communication with the ease of being able to clearly identify who has or has not seen the message;
  • Quick and secure configuration of connections to external systems, using a variety of services; 
  • High degree of flexibility in how a user interacts with different connected systems through TOKN Workflow, unifiying end user data across different business systems; 
  • Improved timesheet capture with an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app- no password required; 
  • End-to-end timesheet approval management, including 3rd party approvals, with no extra licensing required; 
  • Enhanced digital capability and increased use of mobility within a simple framework; 
  • Low implementation, installation or hardware expenses; 
  • Adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, increasing engagement and reducing device provisioning expenses.