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Community Care – Nulsen Group

Community Care – Nulsen Group


Executive Summary

PeopleKind Group is a for-purpose company and parent to organisations that make a positive and lasting difference in our community. The services we deliver encompass housing, disability services, allied health, justice, child protection, reintegration and more.

PeopleKind are passionate about empowering  people to live their best life. 

Companies in the group include:

  • Nesti 
  • Melior
  • Nulsen
  • Outcare
  • Pillar
  • Superyou

 Together their services encompass disability, housing, allied health, justice, child protection and reintegration. PeopleKind were looking improve their internal processes and levels of care across the group, remove barriers and streamline there shared services.  Integration with care workers and family members was largely done manually relying on large amounts of paper and duplication of effort to keep various business systems up to date.  PeopleKind needed a more integrated method of communication between care workers, family member and loved ones. 

“Since implementing the TOKN Platform, our staff and the families of our residents now have peace of mind with more transparent reporting and real time information of their patients and loved ones. Our staff have experienced significant time saving and efficiency gains through process automation, resulting in our staff being really impressed with the application overall.”

Monica Linthorne
Financial Services Officer

PeopleKind engaged TOKN to help fulfill its requirement for a more transparent and intuative user interface for financial reporting. To allow the workers and families and care services to access the financial status of their residents. This was designed with the aim to create transparency for the families of people in care.


TOKN and PeopleKind delivered a fully integrated enterprise resident reporting application and the administrative framework with which to manage it. 


The TOKN Cloud Enterprise platform was used to provide digital capabilities to quickly deliver instant, secure access to all residents’ financial information. Itemised expenses, income, monthly opening and closing balances gives family members and residents the most up-to-date information about their accounts. Reports are resident specific and made available via secure access protocols. All reports are fully integrated and 100% automated.


TOKN is a platform technology, with a focus on being a simple framework that allows minimally trained staff members (with the right permissions) to create digital reports that can pull data out and push data in to various underlying connected corporate systems.


  • Real time visibility of resident financial information on a secure, single touch platform;
  • All reports are 100% automated and fully integrated with the PeopleKind accounting system;
  • Increased transparency. PeopleKind estimates a 25% increase in productivity through delivered efficiencies, removal of manual paper-based processes & double entry; 
  • Low implementation, installation or hardware expenses. Adopting a Cloud based Solution PeopleKind had no installation and application hosting expenses;
  • Increased customer satisfaction with more time for workers to spend with clients and less time focusing on administration;
  • Easy access to resident’s balances, income, expenses and closing account balances; 
  • PeopleKind estimates a total of 2,000 administration hours saved per year through the implementation of the TOKN Platform.
  • PeopleKind are currently implementing Phase 2 of the PeopleKind app , watch this space for more updates soon