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As a business owner, it is your responsibility to actively practice a safe system of work. Failure to do so can result in cos.. Mader Group is a leading global provider of mobile and fixed plant equipment maintenan.. The FieldSafe Safety Suite is award winning cloud-based technology from&nbsp..
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Hublfo is a leading edge digital communication and engagement tool. Powered by the award winning TOKN platform, Hubflo brin..
TOKN is excited to announce its partnership with Enzen Australia, a global knowledge enterprise specialising in the energy an..
“After a very quick POC project, we saw immediately the advantage of using TOKN above any one of the mobile app development..
If your innovation can cater to any industry and you receive advice from everywhere, how do you stay focused? Clinton Schroed..
Keep your sales executives engaged with the TOKN CRM Apps, allowing your sales team to have all the information they require..
All TOKN Applications have full functionality when the user is out of range or offline. All information is automatically sync..
Do you find it hard to keep stakeholders informed and engaged across your business? Join us and find out how platform technol..
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