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The ability to work remotely is starting to become a necessity.

Mobility as a business concept started out as a need to perform transactions as part of an integrated process, away from the office or remotely. This has led to various challenges in terms of security, privacy and the capability available to workers away from the office. For those who have passed the transaction point, mobility very quickly becomes something far more than just a convenience, but rather an integrated part of their day-to-day processes.

We have witnessed, first hand, how our customers have quickly transitioned from enabling their employees to simply capture timesheets, to embracing mobility as a complete employee engagement tool,  secure and available on all their mobile devices.

Most medium to large size companies, have some kind of internal portal with news, activity updates, internal positions, etc. The problem with traditional portals is that you can only access them from a computer on the company network, connected through some kind of VPN. So the portal concept is great for the employees who have the tools/access, but can be restrictive for some industries, such as labour hire companies. How do you share the same information with a workforce which is transient? You could go down the path of issuing each employee with a laptop, but at what expense? Keeping it mobile, keeps it simple.

The ability to have that same content available on a mobile phone makes absolute sense.

Imagine your workforce out in the field with the ability to record the activity that they are doing, when they do it and where it takes place (whether it be a timesheet, updating a work order or any other application). What if you could also deliver portal content in the same place?

TOKN has developed a system that does this for our customers. TOKN has the distinct advantage of easily bringing together information from different data sources together, where it makes sense for the business to access it.  Portal updates are distributed centrally, becoming visible on the portal, while the same content is also sent to the transient workforce through their TOKN mobile application. So it does not matter where your team is working from, they are always up to date with the latest information.

We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.

John Greville, Mader Group

The portal content is strategically designed so that the users land on the portal content as a starting point when they open the TOKN app, ensuring they are always seeing new updates as they happen. It is a similar concept to putting the milk at the back of the supermarket so as to ensure that the shoppers go past the other products before getting to the milk, ensuring they see all the other items available along the way.

The TOKN platform also has the ability to send broadcast notifications of varying importance to all mobile users. The means that the corporate-wide email blasts that don’t get read are reduced and the broadcast messages are delivered within the app for the users to see. If a broadcast is of a higher significance, it is also possible to prevent any further activity until the user acknowledges that they have read the message. But more about that here.

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