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One of the most common problems that our clients come to us with is the need to automate their work management operations. The need for fast and efficient access to their underlying systems, and get their field workers into a more connected, mobile way of working is essential for their businesses to move forward.

So we came up with a solution that specifically aims to make the world of work management a whole lot simpler and more connected.

Instant access to appointments, routes and daily schedules. With potentially hundreds of field workers on the go at once, it’s essential to be able to co-ordinate and communicate each individual’s work schedule. This provides peace of mind that everyone is where they are supposed to be, and no job falls by the wayside. TOKN allows you to update schedules from one central location and distribute these via the TOKN app. This means that when your field workers log in, their schedule and routes for the day are readily available, ensuring there are no questions about what jobs they are supposed to be completing. Last minute booking? No problem! Add it to a worker’s schedule and it will automatically be updated in their app, ensuring no job ever gets missed.

Work orders and service requests –  parts, people and instructions. Accessing the right work order at the right time, with the correct parts allocated, is essential. TOKN is connected to your plant maintenance or ERP system and allows you to transact as if you were in that system. Your team can access work instructions, engineering drawings and more, all in the same app. Plus, being able to see the required parts to complete the work, ensures your job is done on time and instantly recorded, every time.

Site diary and shift logs. Something our clients see all the time is service notes that are often captured on a piece of paper, which are then forgotten or lost. TOKN provides the field technician with the capability to capture these notes and makes them searchable. This makes for safer work handovers and more accurate and productive servicing behaviour.

Itemized collection/drop off details for each job. Once at the job, your field workers are able to select from drop-down lists of any items they are collecting/dropping off/servicing, with the TOKN app automatically calculating any associated costs, weights or charges that are linked to these items. This means less calculation & input errors and ensures nothing gets missed!

Track payments back into your accounting system. It’s all well and good to have the TOKN app calculate all of the costs associated with a job, but this is only helpful if this information then goes somewhere. Your field workers can now process how the client would like to pay for the transaction (COD, 30 Day Account, Credit Card, etc.) and this information is automatically communicated with your accounting system, allowing your finance team to invoice the job accordingly. Again, this means that nothing gets missed with all interactions recorded and traceable.

Sign & Attach. Need proof of a job being completed? Or just need a reference for future use? Your field workers can photograph and save pictures of the job to show what has been done and have the client sign off on all works completed, right there on their mobile device. This way, there is no question of what work has and hasn’t been completed and that the client has signed off on the job being complete.

Traceable, Trackable, Shareable. All your data is automatically transferred back into the TOKN Console & your existing ERP system, meaning all the information is available at your fingertips, when you need it. Need to share it with an external stakeholder? No problems, you can easily create a PDF output from directly within the app.

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