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It is no secret that analytics are the backbone of application development – they encompass everything we know & can predict as application developers. With every app, it is invaluable to collect operational data from transactions, however this alone is not enough to ensure a streamlined experience for users. 

Experiential data, or X-Data, is the data collected from users relating to any interaction with the system, for example, tapping a button. X-Data offers the chance to better understand how the users and user types are connecting with and experiencing the app. Utilizing experience data guarantees that the design implementation will not just reflect the needs and wants of all the users but will also accommodate for the user’s ideal flow, creating a more productive and welcoming interface for the workforce.

Despite the clear requirement for detailed analytics to drive user engagement, increase productivity & improve the accuracy of usability analysis; companies instead settle for ambiguous transactional-based analytics. This can create two major shortcomings:

  1. Limiting the sophistication of design strategies, and;
  2. Resulting in a vast disconnect between designer and user satisfaction.

The cost and complexity of implementing user level event-driven analytics for multiple apps far supersedes reasonable budgeting, often forcing a compromise between quality, data collection and the number of applications that can be deployed. When applications are individually implemented, adding user-level analytics not only causes the budget to suffer but can cause the solution to be insufferable to use.

A broad breadth of coverage in an intelligent platform to develop, deploy and manage applications.”

TOKN offers a broad platform for application development, providing a number of companies with the facilities to design their own applications which are deployed to user’s mobile devices. These applications can be permanent and sophisticated or temporary and urgent, existing only as long as the need exists. Along with the applications that are designed and deployed, TOKN also offers the widespread event-driven capturing of data, as well as implicit micro data capturing on the level activities – AKA the coveted experience data. This is why I was tasked with implementing TOKN Console analytics, to provide the ability to analyse the X-Data.

A broad breadth of coverage in an intelligent platform to develop, deploy and manage applications has always been what TOKN provides. The TOKN experience now includes the ability to view every detail of usage for each application and consequentially, the ability to analyse not just operational trends but also the user experience, across every one of the deployed applications on the platform – all in one place.”

Providing a platform with embedded analytics is an escalation when it comes to the quality of apps that can be developed through the use of the TOKN Console. Unprecedented confidence in the development lifecycle is guaranteed with prepackaged capabilities that allow developers to analyse each feature and how the users expect it to function. Coaching users on common mistakes and issues that become well known thanks to embedded analytics, allows for fully encompassing introductory instructions and a faster adoption of each application for even the least tech-savvy user.

Understanding the user experience is the most important aspect of any development process, and minimizing assumptions is definitely a positive effect that is enabled through the new TOKN analytics.”

The depth of understanding that the platform now provides due to embedded analytics is most definitely a brand new and leading benefit to using TOKN for business apps, a feature that can be expanded on to bring even more insight to even the most specific use cases that a client’s apps may encounter.

If you would like to be the company that offers more sophisticated and tailored applications, contact us for more information on how we can connect your workforce.

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