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The management of timesheets has long since been considered a “necessary evil” in business by both employers and employees. For the employees, it’s something that must be done otherwise nothing comes into the back account. For the business, a lot of time is spent trying to sort the data, make sense of it, approve it, file it and then enter it into a payroll or banking system to actually pay the employees. On top of this, there is handling errors, corrections and misplaced timesheets to deal with as well.

In some businesses, correcting timesheets can take up more time than completing the timesheet in the first place, compounding the “evil” part of timesheet management. When an employee makes an error, payroll needs to realize there is a error in the first place, then either fix it or send it back to the employee and restart the whole process again. That’s more time and money wasted.

Inaccurate timesheets can result in unnecessary payroll costs and administrative burdens, having a negative impact on tight budgets and strict schedules. 

For some companies (e.g. labor hire companies) the amount of time that these processes take exponentially increases because of the large number of employees and stakeholders that they work with. With multiple approval stakeholders, that simple timesheet approval process takes a different turn introducing more points of failure or delays with the end manager having no visibility on what’s causing these delays or how to fix them.

But does it have to be like this? At TOKN, we felt there was a better way of handling timesheet approvals. As a solutions provider, this problem came to us in different forms and requirements. And from the looks of it, we seem to have cracked the problem.

Our solution is simple in its operation, with three easy steps:

1. Make the timesheet creation and approval process mobile. Every employee has a phone; leverage that to simplify timesheet capture.

2. Allow first level approval of timesheets right there on the mobile and potentially remove an additional administration step.

3. Give all the power to the approval managers to handle everything from one place.

This is how we designed and developed the TOKN Timesheet Approvals Manager. It’s a fully-fledged timesheet management solution that runs on top of the TOKN Infrastructure to provide the ability for employees to capture their timesheets on their phone and have them approved with a single click in the Timesheet Manager interface.

The TOKN Timesheet Manager allows approval managers to see timesheets that contain errors by color coding those that don’t look to be within preset parameters. In addition, managers can easily edit and modify any timesheet without fuss right there in the Timesheet Manager interface as they can drill down to all timesheets entered by an employee.

Find out more about TOKN’s Timehseet Approvals Manager here or check out the video below.

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